History of Koukaki

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Koukaki, which is one of the most sought after Airbnb neighborhoods, barely even existed before the beginning of the 20th century. It was this uninhabited side of Athens that the industrialist, named Georgios Koukakis, chose to be the home of his bed-making small industry.

His activity led to the initial growth of the neighborhood; in fact, he chose the location as his own home, too, building his residence on Olympiou Street. Eventually, the area adopted his surname; a phenomenon not uncommon in Athens, where many of the neighborhoods have adopted the names of important families that used to own the lands, lived or operated in the respective areas.

Part of Koukaki is the Gargareta neighborhood, which owes its name to the presence of the Italian family of Gargareta, which owned many estates in the area.

Many neoclassical homes and residences of eminent families were built at that time and many were demolished in the 1960s and 70s to build blocks of flats that today occupy most of the area. Few neoclassical buildings have since remained here and are now protected by law.

The building activity in Koukaki intensified after the foundation of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in 1930, a few hundred meters down Syngrou Avenue, due to the significant increase in student housing demand. As a result, today Koukaki is considered as a rather densely built-up area of Athens.

On the Philopappou peripheral road, as well as the surrounding streets, the neoclassical buildings blend in harmoniously with the modern apartment buildings that have been constructed in recent years, and the area is reminiscent of the times when Athens was built amphitheatrically and all the houses enjoyed a view of the sea. On Makriyianni Street, one can find the the Weiler building, an architectural marvel and one of the most majestic buildings of Athens. During the interwar period, there were thoughts regarding its demolition, which fortunately never came to pass due to intense reactions from the local residents.

Fast forward to the present day: Koukaki enjoys prominence among short-term rental travelers, as it is being included in lists with the most popular Airbnb areas. Its scenic location near the Acropolis, as well as its bars, clubs, restaurants and its close proximity to the Metro station, make Koukaki one of the best choices for every traveler!