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95% of your customers searches for your website, checks if you have social media, your comments on TripAdvisor, your photos...

…you will keep ignoring them?

Larger and targeted audience

The internet may be global, but as every single store the mere presence does not necessarily mean customers! We help you target the correct audience and broaden it

Longer tourist season

The challenge is to understand that vacation is not only specific months in the year. We create the right conditions through your presence on the internet so that your accommodation can respond to customers more months a year

Increase average occupancy

A company should not be complacent and always try to become better and better with the best results. Our scope is to help businesses have larger occupancy rates and more months of working.


We help you create and manage your customer lists in order to have all the information needed to be in contact with your customers in a regular basis.
Customers are the ambassadors of the experience of travel and will have to communicate with them regularly

Property management system and Channel Manager

We create and provide your booking management tools in order to have reservations analysis capabilities and configuration of the pricing of your accommodation

Holistic experience

An enclosure is not only a brand. It is the place, the accommodation, are the things that have to make the customer, the parts will be visited, the nature, the sun and the sea, is the landscape. We create integrated, unique moments


  • Create, register and use multiple online channels – channel manager
  • Property management software
  • Reservation management software
  • Customer relations management
  • Website creation and support
  • Social Media account creation and management  (Facebook/Instagram/Google+)
  • Create and manage accounts for Google My Business
  • Create and manage account fo TripAdvisor
  • Communication with customer
  • Booking engine on website
  • Connect website with social media accounts
  • Statistics/Reports
  • Statistics analysis and reports from Facebook Ιnsights, Google Analytics
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