Upgrade your Hotel

Gain a competitive advantage in the industry by upgrading your hosting services

Hotel Services from CloudKeys

Innovative business solutions for your hotel. CloudKeys offers a range of hotel services regarding premium hospitality, organization, and digital promotion of your business.

Our team has vast experience in managing tourist accommodations throughout Greece by providing practical and technologically advanced solutions as well as increasing bookings, revenue per booking and reduction of labour costs

Unique hosting experience for unique guests
Together we will design and implement the upgrade of the hospitality services your business provides, covering all the stages of the guest experience. We focus equally on all types of travelers; from family trips to medical and religious tourism.

Reservation Management

Full management of online booking channels (OTAs) as well as direct bookings through the hotel website

Hotel Renovation

Full or partial renovation of complete hotel buildings or specific spaces (kitchen, restaurant, etc.)

Increase Profitability

Innovative solutions to increase revenue per booking, occupancy, and overall hospitality experience.

Digital Marketing

Internet promotion and marketing of the hotel in Greece and in foreign markets.