Tip of the day 22/5/2023 – Athens Jazz Festival

Tip of the day 22/5/2023 – Athens Jazz Festival 820 312 thecloudkeys

Every year since 2001, Athens Jazz has been meeting us at the end of spring, marking the official start of the concert summer in Athens. The city’s longest-running music institution with free admission hosts a variety of jazz trends, bands and acts with international careers and recognition from every corner of the globe, attracting more than 6,000 visitors a day.

For 7 consecutive days, Technopolis is the focal point of the now established annual gathering for Athenians and visitors to the city, an exciting celebration, with jazz music at its core. It opens its doors, from morning till night, and welcomes people of all ages to enjoy a rich – international standards – music programme with live shows and parallel activities in Gazi and throughout the city.

To date, more than 250 international and domestic bands and 2,850 musicians from 28 countries have participated in Athens Jazz.

Athens Jazz comes more dynamic than ever from 22 to 29 May at Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, presenting an impressive, international line-up that fully expresses the no-holds-barred nature of jazz. For the 22nd year, the city’s longest-running musical institution gives us the opportunity to enjoy live and with free admission on the main stage of Technopolis all the trends of jazz worldwide through 21 concerts of renowned artists and up-and-coming groups from Greece and abroad, making the festival one of the most diverse in recent years.

Monday 22.05

21.00 | Thomas Mitrousis Quartet (GR – νέα μουσική πρόταση)
22.00 | Nefeli Fasouli Quintet (GR – Jazz+)
23.00 | Spiral Trio (GR)

Tuesday 23.05

21.00 | Veronika Harcsa & Bálint Gyémánt (HU)
22.00 | Jonathan Collin-Bouhon (BE)
23.00 | Gard Nilssen Acoustic Unity (NO)

Wednesday 24.05

21.00 | AJS Quartet (AL)
22.00 | Rembrandt Trio (NL)
23.00 | Tygroo (CZ)

Thursday 25.05

21.00 | Joel Lyssarides Trio (SE)
22.00 | I Think You’re Awesome (DK)
23.00 | Erik Truffaz (CH)

Friday 26.05

21.00 | Quintedo (CY)
22.00 | Candlelight Ficus (AT)
23.00 | Raphael Gualazzi (IT)

Saturday 27.05

21.00 | KID BE KID (DE)
22.00 | OZMA (FR)
23.00 | Daniel García Trio (ES)

Sunday 28.05

21.00 | Maxime Bender “Universal Sky” (LU)
22.00 | Guy Mintus Trio (IL)
23.00 | Jackson Mathod (UK)

Here you will find more info about the artist and the schedule of the Athens Jazz Festival!

Don’t forget to visit the side events that take place in the same venue of Technopolis, events like The Meet Market, the Vinyl Market, a Photo exhibition entited Changing lanes, Jazz Solidarity Network, Roy Ayers «Farewell Tour»

A completely jazz week just started! Be there and enjoy music!