Tip of the day 26/11/2022 – Fired Up Athensv Ceramic Fair @ Municipal Market of Kipseli

Tip of the day 26/11/2022 – Fired Up Athensv Ceramic Fair @ Municipal Market of Kipseli 1024 535 thecloudkeys

For the first time, more than 60 ceramists will meet, 26-27 November, from 11:00 to 21:00 at the Municipal Market of Kypseli, exhibiting and offering selected pieces of everything they create.

At the first Fired Up Athens to be held in Athens, artists can exhibit their works, and talk directly to the public about them. In this way, they are shaped and formed by an audience that loves handmade objects and chooses to fill their homes and lives with them, whether decorative, utilitarian or both. An audience that wants to know who the creator is, what the story behind each object is while having favorite artists, collecting their work and seeing it evolve through the years.

Melina Xenakis, an active ceramist and artist, after her return to Athens, felt the need to get in touch with both the public and other ceramists while at the same time bringing forward creators who are usually found tucked away in their workshops among wheels, kilns, paints, brushes, tools. In response to this need, she created Fired Up Athens. A meeting of ceramicists creators that aims to establish itself as a constant rendezvous between the public and artists.

So, on the last weekend of November, we will meet at the Municipal Market of Kypseli a number of artists with a love for the same material, to see how differently they treat it, shape it, exhibit it, sell it, see their works, ask about their techniques, their inspiration, make an appointment to discover their workshops and of course, give our own personal feedback.

After your visit in the exhibition, you can always have a walk in  Fokionos Negri, one of the oldest and historic squares of Athens and choose for your diner one of the restaurants around there.