Tip of the day 25/5/2023 – Sea Days @ Piraeus, the port of Athens (Updated 2023)

Tip of the day 25/5/2023 – Sea Days @ Piraeus, the port of Athens (Updated 2023) 1024 390 thecloudkeys

Piraeus, the biggest port of Greece, every summer is a must stop for travellers in Athens, as it’s the place where  we all take the ferry to Greek islands. But, apart from that, it is also a place worth to visit and discover some hidden corners and spots. And from yesterday, there is  a great opportunity to explore it. And don’t fortget that from this year the access to Piraeus is easier by  the new metro line which connects Athens Airport with Athens biggest port, Piraeus.

The Municipality of Piraeus organizes for the 9th consecutive year the “Sea Days 2023“, a panorama of events focusing on the sea, the history and culture of Piraeus, with the participation of institutions and associations of the city. This year’s celebration of the Sea Days will take place from 24 May to 4 June. The “Sea Days” is one of the most successful institutions for Piraeus, offering free events for everyone. They include concerts, guided tours, photography and painting exhibitions, conferences and other educational, cultural and sporting activities.

Some of the events you could possibly attend are: 


As the english version of the official site is not translated right in english, if you need any more info about some event you want to visit, just ask us to help you. And of course, when you visit them, take some photos and use the hashtag #travelwithcloudkeys to see your travel adventures.

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