Tip of the day 28/9/2022 – 28th Athens International Film Festival

Tip of the day 28/9/2022 – 28th Athens International Film Festival 1024 389 thecloudkeys

The Athens International Film Festival Opening Nights, was founded by the Athens Film Society (a Non-Profit Organisation) with the intention of highlighting lesser-known aspects/genres of independent cinema, introducing audiences to some of the best productions of the year and establishing itself as the ideal opening of the upcoming movie season. The Festival was launched in September 1995 and continues successfully until now.

According to a CINEMA magazine survey, the Festival audience roughly consists of 60.000 film-goers, who are interested in learning about the latest movie trends from all over the world and watching the most successful productions of the season before anyone else. Our goal is to present them with a handpicked selection of independent productions from all over the world.

All the cinemas that participated in  the festival are located in the center of Athens, and this festival is the most local thing you can do every September in Athens, so it is sure that you will find yourself among many  athenians who have the tradition to watch, maybe all, movies of the festival.

You can check here every the daily schedule and plan your visits according to the movies you maybe want to see!