Tip of the day 29/9/2022 – Petit Paris d’ Athènes

Tip of the day 29/9/2022 – Petit Paris d’ Athènes 1024 683 thecloudkeys

There is a neighborhood in Athens that every October transforms into a Parisian neighborhood, like being in Montmartre, and during these  days you can attend in this area many concerts, plays, outdoors games like the french petanque, the creation of a graffiti or a mural and many other really interesting things.

This athenian neighborhood is Metaxourgeio where its street names come from important personalities from France: Victor Hugo, Marne, the name of the tributary of the Seine river, Maizonos by Nicolas-Joseph Maison, the french politician, Favierou from  Charles Nicolas Fabvier, Satovriandou  by François-Auguste-René de Chateaubriand, Veranzerou by Pierre Jean de Beranger.

This is the Petit Paris d’ Athènes Festival and the theme of this year is 1922, Foundation for today! 

Follow the social media of the festival for its daily program and wonder around Athens like a french!