Tip of the day 9/8/2022 – Beautiful cities of the world according to science

Tip of the day 9/8/2022 – Beautiful cities of the world according to science 1024 680 thecloudkeys

A different research about the most beautiful city in the world took LuxuryLaunches and it is not based on TripAdvisor rates or Instagram likes, but… in science. And yes, Athens is in this list. Read more below on their site.

Not Instagram tags or Tripadvisor ratings, but according to science, these are the 20 most beautiful cities in the world.

While travelers have time and again rated their favorite cities, we have a group of scientists tell us the best one this time! And according to them the most beautiful city in the world is the walled Roman cathedral city in England – Chester! The study was conducted by Online Mortgage Advisor wherein researchers scanned Google Street View for front-facing photos of hundreds of streets and more than 2,400 buildings in historical cities worldwide – as also stated by lbc.co.uk.

To arrive at the results, they then plotted points at the corners of each building to calculate the ‘proportion of the longest and shortest lengths of its dimensions’. The data was then compared to the ‘golden ratio’ (1:1.618). Commenting on it, a spokesman for Online Mortgage Advisor said, ‘Many artists over the past few centuries have incorporated the golden ratio into their work, believing it to be a gold standard in natural aesthetic perfection. Using the golden ratio to measure regular buildings and iconic landmarks, we set out to discover which city in the UK and around the world can lay claim to having the most beautiful buildings.”

These are the most beautiful cities in the world according to the golden ration –
1. Chester, UK – 83.7 per cent
2. Venice, Italy – 83.3%
3. London, UK – 83%
4. Belfast, UK – 82.9%
5. Rome, Italy – 82%
6. Barcelona, Spain – 81.9%
7. Liverpool, UK – 81%
8. Durham, UK – 80.5%
9. Bristol, UK – 80%
10. Oxford, UK – 79.7%
11. Birmingham, UK – 79.4%
12 Edinburgh, UK – 78.9%
12 Cardiff, UK – 78.9%
13. Prague, Czech Republic – 78.7%
14. Exeter, UK – 78.5%
15. Bath, UK – 78.2%
16. Canterbury, UK – 77.8%
17. New York, U.S – 77.7%
18. Worcester, UK – 77.6%
19. Athens, Greece – 77.5%
20. Cambridge, UK – 76.1%