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Athens Traveler Safety

As with most European cities, Athens is safe to travel and explore, even at late night times. There are thieves and pickpockets operating in the public transport network and in popular tourism areas. Just follow some common sense advice and you will be off to a great experience!

Losing your passport or other travel documents, canceling your stolen credit cards, and getting a police report to use for your travel insurance can be time-consuming and perhaps difficult, depending on the time of the day. For example, at the police station, there may not be someone you can talk to in English during the night.

Cloudkeys provides some general guidelines to enjoy a safe and memorable stay.

Always carry your backpack at the front, not on your back. This is very important. You have control over your belongings at all times. Also avoid having wallets, passports, and credit cards in hand luggage. Just have them at a secure hidden place within your clothing and definitely not in your back pockets!

Using the Metro (Subway)

Some trains will be overcrowded, depending on the time of your travel. Best to avoid entering the train when there is overcrowding at the platform and a lot of people try to enter the train. This is the best environment for thieves.

Stay close to your luggage at all times.

Using the bus network

The same common sense advice applies with the bus network. Avoid overcrowded situations when entering the bus.

Using taxis

If you have a smartphone (you should), download the Uber app or the Free Now app to book a taxi. Avoid stopping taxis on the streets.

Hanging around in busy city areas

As a general rule of thumb, never trust the first person and perhaps the strangely friendly person you meet. we have area guides that help you plan your stay and what to do, stick to your plans.

Useful Phone Numbers

Tourism Police:  1571
Address: 43-45 Veikou  Street, 117 42, Koukaki, Athens

Police: 100

Health Issue Emergency: 166

European Emergency Number: 112

Fire Emergency: 199

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