Cloudkeys Sustainability Efforts

As our company grows, we are actively looking to improve our business carbon footprint, support the local economy, and reduce energy and natural resource consumption, among other sustainable development goals as set by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

Cloudkeys has enhanced and optimized its operations unit in a number of areas in order to minimize the impact of its business to the climate and to the local economy, given that most services we provide are within urban environments.

Our teams are working towards other individual goals which we do not mention here. Overall, as a small property management company with limited resources, we try to reduce the impact on the environment and maximize the sustainability of our business and our local community.

Goal 5: Gender Equality – Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Cloudkeys is led by a female CEO and women are more than 50% of the company’s employees at all times since its establishment.

The company actively promotes gender equality and has taken action in the past against female employee harassment and/or intimidation from customers or business partners. The same applies to female customers and guests staying in our apartments.

More specifically, Cloudkeys company policies are in accordance with the 5.2 target, and the 5.2.2 indicator, the 5.5 target, and the 5.5.2 indicator as set out in the 5th goal of the UN Sustainable Development agenda.

Gender Equality
Decent work and economic growth

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Cloudkeys is promoting equal employment rights in its workplace, irrespective of race, gender, religion, migration status, sexual orientation, disability or any other cultural or personal characteristic within its workforce.

As we are a tourism company, we actively promote sustainable tourism and travel in the local areas where the company operates. Customer-interacting staff and our digital concierge service actively promote locally sourced products and services and sustainable means of transportation, both for guests traveling to and from our properties to major transport terminals, such as the Athens International Airport and for navigating the local area and key tourism hotspots within the city.

More specifically, Cloudkeys company policies are in accordance with the 8.4 target, the 8.4.2 indicator, the 8.5 target, and the 8.5.1 indicator, the 8.8 target, and the 8.8.2 indicator, and the 8.9 target.

Goal 8: Sustainable Tourism

Our company has been welcoming guests from all over the world, promoting sustainable options, activities and local experiences. Through our recommendations, our teams promote local businesses that source their products locally as much as possible. This includes local restaurants, local fruit and vegetable markets and also entertainment venues.

Cloudkeys recognizes that Greece has relatively few sustainability initiatives and a recovering economy which makes sustainability harder to achieve in many industry sectors.

Our recommendations based on guest requests try to promote solely responsible tourism and transport activities, reducing our guests’ carbon footprint, from the moment they reach the main transport terminal, whether it is Airport, Port or the highway connecting Athens to the rest of the country.

Furthermore, all professional activities commissioned to support the company’s services are always assigned to local professionals, apart from any solutions not available from local partners (typically technological solutions).

More specifically, Cloudkeys company policies are in accordance with the 8.9 target.

Decent work and economic growth
Responsible consumption and production

Goal 12: Sustainable Consumption

Cloudkeys implements resource consumption initiatives since the company was founded. All our properties utilize energy consumption mechanisms to reduce electricity usage. Staff in functions such as cleaning use processes aimed to reduce water usage as much as possible while at the same time maintaining the highest possible cleaning standards that our guests demand.

In addition, we limit food waste in terms of unused food products left on our properties by guests by donating them to people in need in our local community whenever possible.

Our cleaning partners, particularly our industrial bed linen cleaning provider uses interesting technology, combining electricity, water, and geothermal energy to provide ISO-standard cleaning services. Cloudkeys vets its partners and suppliers to ensure the use of sustainable and efficient production.

Finally, our staff uses public transport as much as possible and low carbon emission vehicles.

More specifically, Cloudkeys company policies are in accordance with the 12.2, 12.3, 12.4, 12.5, 12.6, 12.7, 12.a, 12.b, and 12.c targets.