Real Estate Investment Opportunities

We seek and develop residential, tourism, and commercial real estate

Real Estate Investments

Consulting services for investment movements in the real estate market with emphasis on tourism projects throughout Greece and properties in the center of Athens. Our long-term presence in the field of short-term property rentals and tourism in the center of the capital is a catalyst for business investment projects, hotels and tourism real estate.

Greece and Athens in particular are a major investment capital destination, both from domestic and international investors. Key tourism property brands and investment funds actively invest in greek real estate, even through the COVID-19 pandemic. Many important and prestigious projects have been announced or completed during the past few months.

Cloudkeys provides key consultation services targeting areas which are yet underdeveloped and offer high-yielding investment opportunities as opposed to saturated tourism markets throughout the country. The investments we have been coordinating and executing are targeting modern and alternative tourism segments which offer impressive returns at our current investment portfolio.

We actively support every stage of investment development with specialized partners, while utilizing the experience of Cloudkeys in the field of hospitality and especially the growing needs of new forms of tourism throughout Greece and specifically in the center of Athens.

Contact our team to discuss your next investment move or the optimal utilization of your real estate.

Real Estate Market Research

Identifying and actively searching for tourism, commercial and residential investment properties in Athens and in key tourism areas of Greece, matching the philosophy and type of investment. Cloudkeys also has an exclusive portfolio of properties through leading real estate agents, brokers and through its existing customer portfolio.

Our team selects the ideal property investments based on the criteria and the characteristics of each customer and of course quantitative criteria such as profitability and profit margin. The success of our existing projects speak for themselves.

Property Buing & Selling

Cloudkeys partners proceed with buying or selling processes, develop agreements and complete property deals with the minimum involvement of each client. The team also performs all the necessary legal, tax and accounting checks for various issues that may arise during the buying or the selling process.

The current portfolio involves the management of real estate and consultation services to private domestic and international investors and landlords from countries such as Israel, China, the United States of America and others. We also work with investors actively looking for opportunities in the real estate sector of Greeece.

Commercial Properties

Cloudkeys partnered investors, real estate companies and agents own important properties with high commercial market value, due to their location or special characteristics.

Residential Properties

Cloudkeys manages properties in the center of Athens targeting the short-term rental market. Our team advises and consults with owners and investors for key investment opportunities, especially for residential buildings and for individual apartments and luxury units which have been recently renovated and upgraded in terms of energy conservation and sustainability.

Tourism Properties

Important opportunities in the tourism real estate market arise in many areas of Greece, servicing both the domestic residential needs and the needs of the tourism industry. Following the widespread residential property development in areas such as Athens and Mykonos, other less known areas attract significant investment, such as Lefkada island or Paros island.

Real Estate Investment Support

Cloudkeys has the technical expertise and knowhow along with a key network of partners for supporting both small and large-scale property investment projects. Our extensive experience and knowledge of the market supports residential, commercial and tourism properties.

We specialize in real estate development with the greatest possible simplification of the procedures for issuing small or large-scale building permits, experienced architects, civil engineers and engineers, top accountants, tax and legal advisors. At the same time we undertake the management of high level projects of renovation, landscaping and upgrading of real estate.

CloudKeys Network

The long-term experience of our company in the fields of short-term and tourist leases has been integrated into our technical services in collaboration with an excellent network of reliable and proven professionals.