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Apartment Management in Athens

We undertake the full management of your apartment on Airbnb(™),™) and Expedia(™) in Athens and we provide superior quality services through a network of highly experienced professional partners in the areas of cleaning and hospitality. All you have to do is watch your income grow as bookings come your way. Everything else is taken care of by CloudKeys! Everything else is handled by CloudKeys!

Unique services for unique owners and guests

Daily support in essential property management aspects that relate to maximizing the profitability of your property and the unique hospitality experience of guests are the essence and central philosophy of our services.

Assign your apartment to the best in the market

  • Higher earnings – no more 25 or 30 euro nightly prices
  • No LOCK-BOX – Trained employee welcomes guests
  • Multiple channels – Airbnb, Booking, Expedia, VRBO and more
  • B2B Network – Renting to Cloudkeys business clients
  • Property listing in our apartments for rent.
  • High quality bed linen and towels provided by Cloudkeys
  • Get taxed on the actual money you earn, not our fees
  • Reservation records at the Greek short-term rental registry

Easy Money

All you have to do as an owner is keep track of direct payments that come through your account

More Bookings

Through the constantly evolving CloudKeys platform, we optimize the listings of your property and achieve more reservations and higher income!

Unique hospitality

We provide 5-star hospitality … which even large hotel units find difficult to achieve

B2B Network

Businesses that use our apartments to host their associates and employees

Check-in & Check-out management

We welcome your guests and “guide” them to your place, the facilities and the rules of your home

Cleaning Services

We ensure high-level cleaning of your property between bookings

Increased Revenue and Multiple OTA Channels

We utilize cutting-edge techniques within Revenue Management and manage multiple listings with advanced connectivity with OTAs (Online Travel Agents).

Through specialization and a solid partnership with these channels, we provide competitive positioning for your property. We manage offers, prices and availability in an optimized and performing manner.

Reservations are managed in an exemplary manner by Cloudkeys customer service department.

Property owners partnering with Cloudkeys report up to 80% more revenue compared to their previous property management company.

The properties under management are hand-picked for their quality, their location and other important criteria. Read more:

Management Requirements | Why Chose a Property Manager | See our Apartments

Amazing Hospitality

Cloudkeys provides a comprehensive hospitality experience that has been recognized from travelers with excellent reviews in the vacation rental platforms.

Partner with the leading property management company.

Short-term Rental Registry & myDATA

According to the recent decision of the Independent Public Revenue Authority, the income from each short-term lease should be declared in the Short-Term Rental Registry after the check-out of the tenant. Additionally, all income from every short-term lease must be declared in real-time through the myDATA system.

Cloudkeys takes care of all these requirements, along with issuing receipts and invoices to guests without any additional charge to the property owner.

The process of integration of the property in the “sharing economy” as well as the registration in the registry according to the existing provisions of POL 1187/2017 is fully processed by CloudKeys.

Lease Registration

Our specialized staff registers on the date of departure of the tenant (check-out) all the necessary information in the special registry of AADE. An important obligation of you as the owner and legal administrator of the property is managed by CloudKeys at no charge.

CloudKeys Privileges

Special Photography Price

Professional photography with a specialized hotel photographer

Property Care and Maintenance

We take care of your property like we take care of our house. High-quality supervision and cleaning services allow us to detect damage and problems immediately. We carry out immediate maintenance work in the shortest possible time.

In-person Check-in

Our personalized check-in process- especially designed for each guest individually, is designed to maximize positive customer reviews. This way we manage to increase the overnight prices while providing an unforgettable experience to the guests.

Security Procedures

Continuously upgraded security procedure for the guests who rent the property as well as for the hospitality staff, and for the cleaners, and for the technical crews that undertake maintenance and repair works.

Professional Linen

We provide professional hotel linen through our premium services or request the supply of linen from our owners at preferential prices. The linen is being cleaned in an industrial washing machine

Do you still have questions?

Frequently Asked Questions About Short Term Leasing

The new law by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Greece (December 2023) requires VAT to be charged on every reservation for property owners who have at least three properties or apartments as vacation rentals.

A vacation rental or short-term rental in the context of this legislation, either through a property management company like Cloudkeys or directly by the owner is every reservation (rental agreement) with a duration of up to 60 days.

More information for this law bill will be provided by Cloudkeys within the new year (2024).

The average income from the properties we manage is over 150% more of the money a property owner could earn from a long-term lease.

The overnight prices for selling an apartment consist of many factors such as area, condition, equipment, seasonal demand, and dozens of other elements that we consider in order to formulate the pricing policy that will maximize income.

Our experienced team helps you maximize the occupancy and increased profitability of your accommodation. Many of our clients have increased their income by 70-200% compared to their previous collaboration with other companies.

CloudKeys’ safety process utilizes safeguards that encourage guests to respect the hosting space and prevent them from causing damage.

Our experience shows that usual property damages include broken glasses (from which we do not ask for compensation) or overloading the electrical or plumbing infrastructures (that usually has to do with the maintenance of the property infrastructure and therefore burdens the owner).

Only in exceptional cases, serious non-compensational damages may occur (either because the guest card does not have enough money or because Airbnb refuses to compensate).

In any case, we recommend insurance coverage for short-term leases. It is an economical solution that covers you in every case.

Cloudkeys hospitality policy does not allow parties in the apartments that belong to its property portfolio.

Apart from building resident and neighbor nuances, there are many issues with large gatherings of people inside an apartment.

Mainly the “wear & tear” caused to the apartment

Cloudkeys has experience in dealing with such issues, from incidents with guests who wanted to host a party without letting us know. There are specific security processes for quickly identifying such intent and to avoid it.

This has never happened to us, but it’s not 100% certain that it can never happen.

If we identify such behavior we always take preventive action – and so far successfully – within the framework of our contractual obligations with short-term rental platforms, civil law and to prevent this from happening.

The law is clear in these cases and there are limited possibilities both from platforms and from the Authorities.

In any case, we recommend that you take out a short-term rental insurance policy and not rely on the platforms’ indemnity guarantees.

Yes and no!

You must prove with evidence that the damage was caused by a particular guest in order for Airbnb to compensate you.

In the highly unlikely scenario of extensive damage with repair costs of high value, an insurance auditor may be required to provide assessment.

It is not always possible to successfully claim compensation, therefore we highly recommend specialized insurance coverage for vacation rental properties by a credible insurance company.

Generally, major damage is highly unlikely. Cloudkeys has welcomed thousands of guests at the apartments within its property portfolio and also provides consulting services concerning hotel management, at hotels that also have hosted thousands of guests.

Typical damages relate to a broken glass of water or a broken dish.

Since the beginning of pandemic, before the government announced the travel restrictions, CloudKeys has been providing specialist equipment to cleaners in order to protect them from any possible contamination while cleaning the apartments

The cleaning process focuses on a more thorough cleaning using cleaners with strong disinfectant action.

We focus on cleaning frequently touched surfaces by our guests and also we have specialized steam cleaning devices that disinfect furniture and surfaces without causing damage of course.

Finally, the ventilation time for each apartment has increased significantly.

In addition, bed linen and towels are cleaned at special facilities using ISO-certified processes, including for COVID-infected items.

No problem! Your property will be registered in the CloudKeys account which has gained a great reputation on the Airbnb platform. This way you will have faster bookings than creating an account from scratch.

At the same time, we use which is an important source of income for your home. Depending on the case, we use other channels depending on the area and the type of property.

We register your home and use all the possibilities given to us by short-term rental platforms with advanced configuration and techniques that increase its visibility and maximize its occupancy and profitability.

According to recent legislation, properties that accept short-term reservations do not need a special license by the National Tourism Organization of Greece (EOT).

According to the recent legislation, every property must be registered in the registry of short-term leases of AADE.

It is clearly necessary to declare income to the tax office. CloudKeys urges all real estate clients to follow the legal path and pay all legal taxes.

It is mandatory to consult with your accountant for the process, as our company does not provide any legal or tax advice and therefore is not specialized in this area.

The payout for Cloudkeys vacation rental property owners is based on confirmed stays or canceled stays with non-refundable cancellation policies that the guest has prepaid prior to his arrival at the property.

All stays are declared on the same day through the MyData system provided by the tax authorities.

According to the new law of December 2017, you can rent your property without a time limit or any restriction in terms of income from short-term leases.

A restriction (eg 90 days a year) in specific areas of the country can be enforced only with a Ministerial decision.

Read more about what applies to the new bill .

The minimum obligation of owners of properties offered for short-term leases is to declare the property to the tax office through the online application of the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE) on the site and to obtain the unique lease registration number

There is no limit to the number of properties you can own as a landlord or tenant for short-term rentals.

You need a separate registration number for each property you own.

Clearly. There are many professionals mainly looking for somewhere to stay for 2-3 months or more and it is difficult to find an apartment with an internet connection without having to transfer the utilities to their name.

They are usually journalists in multi-day missions in Athens, Medical tourism, and other cases.

For the “dead” winter months we try to rent your property in such cases with a special agreement regarding the consumption of electricity (which is the main expense).

Short-term Rental Platforms Management

CloudKeys has managed thousands of stays from customer bookings on the world’s leading booking networks. We maintain close contacts and have an upgraded account in most of them and actively participate in events, conferences, and have frequent meetings with senior executives and managers of tourist real estate and short-term rental real estate accounts.

Airbnb Management

Booking management and listing optimization on the popular short-term rental platform Airbnb. Development or upgrade of descriptions and other texts included in your apartment listing and respond immediately to potential customer inquiries.

Βooking. com Management

We optimize your home listing on, one of the strongest booking channels in the world. We manage your property in the account of our company and issue documents to customers. Immediate answering to potential customer questions.

Expedia Management

Registration and promotion of your apartment in the network of Expedia which includes many travel agencies mainly in America and independent networks such as Travelocity,, Trivago, ebookers and other popular online booking networks.

VRBO Management

Registration of your apartment in the increasingly popular platform VRBO (recently acquired by Expedia but operating as an independent network). We manage the pricing policy and optimize your listing for high ranking in the search results of tourists.

Areas We Cover In Central Athens

  • Koukaki-Makrigianni
  • Acropolis-Plaka
  • Thisio
  • Syntagma
  • Psiri
  • Pagrati
  • Hilton area
  • Kolonaki-Evangelismos
  • Ilisia
  • Abelokipi