Cloudkeys B2B Network

The constantly improving Cloudkeys B2B network provides reliable professional solutions that are included in its property management services. The needs of our customers and property portfolio are constantly increasing and there is a growing demand for advanced solutions to investment plans in the areas of tourism and residential real estate.

The long -term experience in the areas of short-term rentals and tourism reservations has been incorporated in a modern and reliable network of professional partners. Within the context of the technical support for the properties managed by our company, the Cloudkeys Network has been developed in partnership with highly reliable partners..

Our network includes architects, engineers, individual technicians and technical teams, accountants, tax experts, lawyers, property advisors, insurance professionals, investment advisors, real estate offices, and other important professionals working on private residential properties, hotels, commercial properties, and offices.

All technical services provided for residential properties, hotels, and commercial properties by Cloudkeys have been tested in small and large-scale projects and important investments, primarily on property, tourism, and commercial property in the center of Athens and other areas of Greece with strong tourism interest.

If you are a professional with important projects in your professional profile and are interested in joining our network, please fill in the following form.

Short-Term Property Rentals

The properties we manage on short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb and have modern needs in terms of energy conservation, equipment and furnishings. At the same time, the electrical and plumbing property infrastructure must be upgraded accordingly for this use.

Hotels and Tourism Accommodation

In the hotel sector we support service upgrades and other critical aspects such as energy and generally natural resource preservation, smart exterior and interior design solutions and the showcase of all key hotel services.

Tourism and Residential Properties

We substantially support investments in property and real estate. Either on a single apartment basis or a building. Our client portfolio includes property investors that need a wide range of services before, during, and after the sale and ownership transfer of a property.

Facility Management

Every tourism season we provide facility management services to hotel businesses. Human resources, expertise, and the substantial support of hotels and travel services, in general, are the core characteristics of our services.

Become a member of our B2B network

If you are providing services in any aspect of residential and tourism properties contact Cloudkeys. We seek professionals and companies that can successfully cover every modern need of our customer portfolio.