Building Management Services

Full management services for short-term rental apartment buildings
Buildings with short-term rental apartments

Building management services in selected areas of Athens

Building preparation and management services for promoting the apartments on vacation rental platforms and to corporate Cloudkeys customers who are actively looking for furnished apartments for their staff and business partners.

Cloudkeys provides

  • Reservation management
  • Payment and credit card management
  • Tax statements to the local authorities
  • Rental payments to owners until the 15th of every month
  • Technical support and minor repairs

Excellent hospitality services

We meet the guests in person and actively;and substantially support their experience of Athens with great suggestions based on their personal preferences. We support all guest needs and act almost immediately in case of a damage or malfunction in the property 24 hours a day.

Cloudkeys treats all properties in its portfolio with the same level of professionalism. All buildings under management are treated like they are our own.

Easy Money

All you have to do as an owner is keep track of direct payments that come through your account

More Bookings

Through the constantly evolving CloudKeys platform, we optimize the listings of your property and achieve more reservations and higher income!

Unique hospitality

We provide 5-star hospitality … which even large hotel units find difficult to achieve

B2B Network

Businesses that use our apartments to host their associates and employees

Check-in & Check-out management

We welcome your guests and “guide” them to your place, the facilities and the rules of your home

Cleaning Services

We ensure high-level cleaning of your property between bookings

Accounting – Tax Remittance – Short-term Rental Tax Register

Cloudkeys provides all necessary tax declarations and remittance, such as the short-term rental registry of the Tax Authorities in Greece without extra charges and without any obligation from the building owner. The building owner is only required to declare his/her building property revenues once a year.

We provide daily invoicing and receipts for all reservations of the day and we send them to the tax authorities in real-time. Guests have the option of a normal receipt or a business invoice for their stay.

Our team also declares all reservations for each apartment separately in the government’s short-term rental registry.

Lease Registration

Our specialized staff registers on the date of departure of the tenant (check-out) all the necessary information in the special registry of AADE. An important obligation of you as the owner and legal administrator of the property is managed by CloudKeys at no charge.

Transaction, Building and Guest Security

Cloudkeys has developed its own unique security mechanism for validating all credit card payments, the thorough identification of guests and in general the building and all properties under management.

Providing a safe stay for all guests is also of high importance. Cloudkeys verifies the personal information of all guests and does not allow reservations without a verified credit card, ID and/or passport. Our aim is to provide a safe and quality stay for all guests.

Any costs related to installing, maintaining or repairing security systems and all building maintenance costs are payable by the owner.

Cloudkeys owners can choose a technician to undertake any repair or maintenance work, unless there is an emergency for the guests and this person is not available, in which case a qualified professional is dispatched by the company.

Damages in the property

After hosting thousands of guests in the properties under management our experience shows that major damages are exceptionally rare. Typical damages include a broken glass of wine or a guest forgetting the keys at the lock from the inside.

In every case, insurance coverage is highly recommended with specialized insurance products that cover short term rental damages to the building or to any apartment inside the building. Cloudkeys knows the best insurance solutions in Greece and suggests specific companies and products.

Credit Card Management

Every day we manage tens of credit cards, something which also enforces our security mechanisms against malicious guests or illegal activities.

Check-in Staff

Our check-in is always performed by a qualified member of staff and always according to our internal security protocols.

Building Insurance

Cloudkeys works with the most reputable insurance companies in Greece and knows the right insurance products covering short-term rental buildings.

CloudKeys Privileges

Special Photography Price

Professional photography with a specialized hotel photographer

Property Care and Maintenance

We take care of your property like we take care of our house. High-quality supervision and cleaning services allow us to detect damage and problems immediately. We carry out immediate maintenance work in the shortest possible time.

In-person Check-in

Our personalized check-in process- especially designed for each guest individually, is designed to maximize positive customer reviews. This way we manage to increase the overnight prices while providing an unforgettable experience to the guests.

Security Procedures

Continuously upgraded security procedure for the guests who rent the property as well as for the hospitality staff, and for the cleaners, and for the technical crews that undertake maintenance and repair works.

Professional Linen

We provide professional hotel linen through our premium services or request the supply of linen from our owners at preferential prices. The linen is being cleaned in an industrial washing machine

Do you still have questions?

Frequently Asked Questions on Our Building Management Services

Cloudkeys charges a commission of 25% on the final cost of the nightly stay the guest pays. Guests pay an additional cleaning and bed-linen fee.

Cloudkeys commission is non-negotiable.

The provision of cleaning services in communal areas of the building is done by Cloudkeys and its cleaning teams. In general, the cleaning of the communal areas inside the building is part of the overall experience for guests.

The average income from the properties we manage is over 150% more of the money a property owner could earn from a long-term lease.

The nightly price for each apartment is determined from multiple factors, such as the immediate local neighborhood, the area, the condition of the building and its apartments, the amenities, the seasonal demand and tens of other factors that we look into for defining our pricing policy that will maximize revenues.

Our experienced team helps you maximize the occupancy and increased profitability of your accommodation. Many of our clients have increased their income by 70-200% compared to their previous collaboration with other companies.

All costs related to maintenance, repairs, furniture replacement and utility bills are charged to the owner of the building. As we already mentioned elsewhere on this page, we highly recommend signing an insurance policy for the building with a company that offers liability and short-term rentals coverage.

Cloudkeys only provide the replacement of bed linen and towels. There is no cost for the owners to purchase bed linen and towels. All these are provided by Cloudkeys.

Owners signing up to Cloudkeys building management services must provide fully furnished, renovated, and equipped apartments. Are there any requirements that are mandatory for Cloudkeys to manage a building? Cloudkeys representatives will inform you for all necessary issues in our relevant communication.

It is of high importance that the property infrastructure such as the plumbing and electrical installations are upgraded based on short-term rental leasings. Cloudkeys always reserves the right to terminate any contract providing building management services in case the property infrastructure can not compete with the intended use for short term rentals.

In the very rare event of damages in an apartment, Cloudkeys will make every effort to demand payment from the guests. These incidents are extremely rare and usually happen to private hosts or poor management companies that do not personally meet the guests.

Initially, Cloudkeys makes the effort to force payment from the guests. In case of a denial by the guest, Cloudkeys files a damage payment request from the short-term rental platform that the guest used to make his/her reservation. If there is another denial, the platform either demands compensation on our behalf or involves the insurance company that it has contracted for such cases.

As we always explain in our meetings with owners that have assigned the management of their property to our company, if you have been involved in a car accident you can understand what insurance companies cover.

Short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb and provide their own insurance coverage, however Cloudkeys highly recommends signing a contract with a Greek insurance company.

Short-term Rental Platforms Management

CloudKeys has managed thousands of stays from customer bookings on the world’s leading booking networks. We maintain close contacts and have an upgraded account in most of them and actively participate in events, conferences, and have frequent meetings with senior executives and managers of tourist real estate and short-term rental real estate accounts.

Airbnb Management

Booking management and listing optimization on the popular Airbnb short-term rental platform. We create or upgrade descriptions and other texts included in your apartment listing and promptly answer potential customer inquiries.

Βooking. com Management

We optimize your home listing on, one of the strongest booking channels in the world. We manage your property in the account of our company and issue documents to customers. Immediate answering to potential customer questions.

Expedia Management

Registration and promotion of your apartment in the network of Expedia which includes many travel agencies mainly in America and independent networks such as Travelocity,, Trivago, ebookers and other popular online booking networks.

HomeAway Management

We register your property on the increasingly popular HomeAway platform (recently acquired by Expedia but operating as an independent network). We manage the pricing policy and optimize your listing for high ranking in the search results of tourists.