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Reliable solutions for the management and maximum economic exploitation and return of real estate by private owners, legal entities, and residents abroad. CloudKeys supports real estate owners who are unable to take full advantage of their real estate prospects.

Our clientele includes owners who are residents abroad, owners with busy business activity, and legal entities with privately owned properties that are not active in the real estate market.

Our company’s activity in the field of real estate management in recent years provides valuable experience in the fields of short-term tourist leases and tourism businesses with a strong emphasis on hospitality and more efficient management.

We are well aware of and undertake the accounting and legal support required by real estate investments and we provide excellent quality management and maintenance services for real estate and housing as well as the equipment they have, such as air conditioning systems, energy efficiency management, and control systems and upgrades, upgrades and equipment.

Smart Use of your Property

By using modern technology and tools we deal with the management of apartments and accommodations in a smart and efficient way

Customers First

We create unique experiences for our customers, aiming to make their entire stay in our apartments and accommodations a frequent habit

Efficient tools

Our goal is to provide the best profit return with the highest quality services to the end customer of the property

Real Estate

Business Approach to Managing
Your Real Estate

We cover the needs of multiple business plans and provide technical support through experienced executives and trustworthy partners, covering the full range of services required by the latest developments in the real estate and tourism sectors to better exploit your real estate.

At the same time, the specialization of our executives in new technologies and the Internet can support multiple and multifaceted needs of management and promotion services through the development of websites and the integration of technologically advanced management solutions for tourist accommodation and hotels.

Hotels and Tourist Accommodations

Innovative Hotel Solutions – Increase Profitability and Sales

Upgrading the overall experience of visiting tourists or travelers booking for business, medical, religious, and other purposes. Increase revenue per stay, bid management, and smart promotion of additional services available to your tourism business by using new technologies before, during, and after the departure of guests.

Online management of direct reservations and pricing policy through the hotel website and management of travel agencies, online travel agents (OTAs). Advanced services such as price yielding, maximization of occupancy through last-minute offers, and special offers through promotion platform.

Real Estate Management Services

Apartment Management

Full management of apartments, houses and buildings in the center of Athens

Refurbishment & Decortion Services

Reliable and economical solutions for the renovation, decoration and equipment of your property

Smart Home

Design and installation of facility management and energy savings systems

Available Apartments

See available apartments for rent and book your accommodation in the center of Athens

Hotel and Tourist Accommodation Management Services

Online Reservation Management

Full management of online booking channels (OTAs) and direct bookings through the hotel site

Organized Hotel Renovation

Complete or partial renovation of hotel buildings or small tourist accommodation properties

Technical Support Services

Efficient and responsible technical support of the building and the functions of the hotel

Promotion with Digital Marketing

Online promotion and marketing of the hotel in Greece and in foreign markets

Collaboration and synergy with CloudKeys

Contact us for the best and most reliable use of your real estate or for the most efficient promotion and organization of your tourist/hotel business in terms of hospitality, housekeeping, and cleaning

Value-Added Services

The CloudKeys team is staffed with experienced professionals in the field of tourism, short-term leases, and the management and support of real estate properties. Our long-term experience has provided us with all the useful tools for the effective promotion of hotels and real estate in the local and global market.

We were the first to organize high educational value seminars for short-term and tourist leases in Greece in collaboration with the “Evolution” organization of Piraeus Bank.

We organized the first meetups for professionals and owners of short-term and vacation rental properties in Athens, with very large participation.

At the same time, our service support network includes trustworthy, innovative, and state-of-the-art solutions for the support and smooth operation of technical work, either at the level of digital technology or at the level of support for property owners and hotel units.

The CloudKeys network entails experienced lawyers, accountants, tax experts, financial analysts, and real estate investment consultants.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Investment Support
Real Estate Investment

Real estate portfolio investment advisory support

Accounting - Tax Services

Accounting and tax audit services for real estate investments

Legal Support

Excellent legal support for real estate portfolio investments

Real Estate

Brokerage services for the purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate

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