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Find the property matching your requirements and budget.

Buy Property – Real Estate Investments

Cloudkeys has exclusive properties that match important guidelines and requirements, making the process of buying much easier. We also provide access to a powerful network of professional services to support the buying process.

Our aim is the identical match of your needs and expectations with the properties that will be showcased to you.

We are much more than a traditional real estate agency with tens or hundreds of properties for sale. We have developed a constantly expanding professional support network for every reliable and flexible solution required before and after a property sale,


We follow completely transparent procedures for finding the right properties and real estate investment opportunities.

Substantial Support

We actively support all procedures – bureaucratic or not – until the final transfer of ownership of the property.

We plan and implement the best solution for your needs.

We study your needs and budget and define the standards and requirements that we will be searching for, saving time and optimizing the viewing process so only properties that match the standards are reviewed.

Cooperation for the Successful Transfer of Property Ownership

We fully support all processes, from legal checks to the last technical detail required for completing the transfer of ownership process.

Cloudkeys Commission

Our buyer commission from successful transfers of ownership is 2% plus VAT.

This cost covers the continuous improvement of our services and the matching of properties for finding a home to live in or a great property investment. Full consultation is provided until the transaction is complete.

B2B Network – Substantial Property Buying Support

All property sales managed by Cloudkeys are supported by our B2B network. Experienced lawyers and legal advisers, accountants, notary and tax experts provide all necessary services for the optimal implementation of every Cloudkeys property sale, with the maximum legal and tax coverage.

At the same time, exceptional engineers and technical staff support all other needs, including bureaucratic processes or any other practical issues that may arise.

Cloudkeys offers so much more than just properties for sale. Our aim is to support and excel in matching the needs of all parties involved, including potential buyers.

Our services focus on providing the best possible match between the owner expectations and the buyer needs. “Recently renovated” promises are simply not enough for us.

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Fill out the property for sale search assignment form and our team will respond professionally to your requirements and expectations with full transparency and honesty.