About CloudKeys

A few words about Cloudkeys

The idea behind CloudKeys started in London around 2014, during a time when its founders had to stay in a vacation rental for a few weeks. The level of service, the hygiene standards, and the general hospitality experience were disappointing, which made them understand the importance of hosting and its value to the overall travel experience.

After meeting with people from the short-term rental industry and getting to know its inner workings, Dora and Pavlos conceived the idea of ​​CloudKeys: The concept of ​​the ultimate hosting experience, which corresponds to the real needs of guests, from any part of the world, any religion, and any culture they come from. “We were confident of the valuable experiences we gained as guests that we decided to initially create an educational community for hosts. Then we undertook the full management on behalf of the owners of short-term rental properties. The need was there, the owners struggled to offer hospitality and increase their income along with their professional life, which in some cases was impossible.” Dora mentions.

CloudKeys created the first seminar for property owners/managers and hoteliers/hotel staff in Greece in an excellent collaboration with Piraeus Bank Evolution Programme with excellent results according to the ratings of the people who attended. In 2015 we organized the first meetups / small conferences for Airbnb owners in Athens and Kalamata and brought in important professionals such as accountants and lawyers to help the hosts with the then gray “zone” of short-term leases. Since then, thousands of guests have experienced the CloudKeys experience in each of the apartments we manage. Reviews on Airbnb and other short-term rental platforms, personal comments on our messages and mobile phones, gifts and suggestions for hosting in the city of permanent residence, and the truly unique experiences we live every day made us even stronger! At the same time, we faced a host of problems and difficult situations that had to be handled properly and had to do with the infrastructure of the apartments. We have tried and perfected the appropriate solutions for property owners and now we offer them to the market individually. We have worked with small and large hotel units throughout Greece, we have essentially helped to upgrade the tourism product and hospitality experience as a whole and we have created unique experiences for the travelers who have chosen a CloudKeys accommodation. Hundreds of great reviews posted on the most popular short-term rental platforms.