Hotel Management Services

Improve your hotel and the guest experience. Gain significant competitive advantages

Bespoke Hotel Management Services

Improve hotel operations and provide a unique and elevated experience to your guests. Today’s over-saturated market requires personalization and high quality differentiation to succeed in your journey as a hotelier. Guest behaviour and preferences change each season.

What worked two years ago is not working today. Millenials, slow tourism, experiental tourism, sustainability are just a few buzz words that have drastically altered today’s market. Hotels have been slow to adapt their operations and traditional offerings to be able to truly capture traveler demand.

Reservation Management

Full online reservations management for bookings originating from OTAs and the hotel’s website.

Hotel Renovation

Full or partial renovation of the hotel buildings or of specific areas (kitchen, restaurant, living area, etc.)

Sales & Profitability

Innovative solutions for increasing revenue per reservaition, occupancy and overall guest experience

Digital Marketing

Internet promotion and brand communication of the hotel in the Greek and International markets.

Hotel innovation at a constantly changing travel market

Hospitality and unique guest experience is the key KPI all hotel managers should be working on when planning ahead of the high tourism season or during high occupancy times. KPIs such as RevPAR, GOPPAR, ADR, CPOR, ARR, occupancy rate and others are great to monitor but they won’t improve unless the business model is optimized for maximum guest satisfaction and a unique, unforgettable guest experience.

Cloudkeys provides innovative management services meet at the crossroad of guest experience and technology. We work on increasing direct reservations and bookings from the major OTAs (online travel agents) and other tourism networks. At the same time our team has developed innovations on upselling products and services to guests, with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue per reservation.