Architectural Design with Character

Unique architectural design of a hospitality experience

Hotel architecture

Original and extremely creative architectural proposals for the renovation or construction of hotels and tourist accommodation with emphasis on the ultimate hosting experience for visitors and a significant competitive advantage in the tourist market of Greece.

The architectural design of CloudKeys hotel units is enriched by a mix of hospitality experiences and technical support for tourist accommodation and short-term rental apartments. We emphasize a creative approach to enjoyment and hospitality to your visitors, we do not just design nice buildings and spaces.

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A modern and practical architectural approach to hospitality

Our goal is the ultimate hospitality experience for guests and the simplification of procedures for employees. We design and implement construction or renovation projects and upgrade the hospitality experience.

The competitive tourist-hotel market of Greece requires architectural approaches to able to stand out from the competition. With hundreds of hotels having been built in recent years, diversification and uniqueness are the only way to the financial viability of the hotel business.

Design & Study

Optimal utilization of available indoor and outdoor spaces with an emphasis on imposing design and practicality for the guests and the staff

Decorative elements

Excellent quality wooden and metal decorative constructions matching the character of the hotel (boutique, classic, luxury, industrial, etc.)

Geographical Approach

Design based on the characteristics of the geographical location of the property and the surrounding area.

Complete or partial renovation of a hotel unit

We offer solutions and specialized crews for every need, whether it is a complete renovation and remodeling of spaces, or for individual areas of the hotel such as the living rooms or the kitchen of the restaurant.

Reception & Lounge Area

Special architectural emphasis on the hotel reception and lounge area as they capture the first impression of the visitors. The purpose is to “introduce” them directly to the hospitality experience offered by the hotel and the practical use of the space for any guests waiting for the preparation of their rooms.

Outdoor spaces and pool

Outdoor and pool design, which emphasizes on maximizing the visitor’s sense of enjoyment and relaxation. The aim of the architectural study is to highlight the natural environment of the buildings.

Bar & Restaurant

We design the optimal format of the available space with an emphasis on the character and prestige of the hotel. The design is implemented according to the hotel’s capacity in periods of high demad.

Rooms and Suites

Room architecture based on the modern needs of the visitor and the latest technological developments, along with an emphasis on the character of your hotel.

The focus of the architectural design of the rooms is the practical service of the guests and their technology devices

Lighting & Multimedia

We consider the proper lighting of common areas and hotel rooms as well as the use of multimedia extremely important. We emphasize on the easy management of the lighting in the rooms, the lighting of the common spaces, and the use of multimedia for the staff.

Studies for the renovation of existing buildings and the construction of new buildings include control and planning based on the rules of urban planning legislation and the specifics of the area where the property is located.

We undertake the preparation of a file for the issuance of a building permit and the issuance of certificates and any type of bureaucratic procedure with the Town Planning, the Chamber, and so on.

In the phase of implementation of the renovation or construction of the hotel, the project is supervised and any unexpected issues are resolved. Always in collaboration with the engineers and other involved professions of the CloudKeys Network.

CloudKeys Network

The long-term experience of our company in the fields of short-term and tourist leases has been integrated into our technical services in collaboration with an excellent network of reliable and proven professionals.