Technical Apartment Services

Upgrade, repair, maintain and renovate your apartment through the full range of services provided by CloudKeys to the short-term rental properties it manages on behalf of landlords and businesses. Give color and functionality for more moments of enjoyment for you or your guests.

CloudKeys’s philosophy in the technical and architectural specifications of apartments has to do with the long-term financial and operational benefit for the property owner or the host of short-term leases. Cheap “DIY” has turned into very serious problems of real estate infrastructure (hence the great financial burden) and the examples are really countless.

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Apartment Renovation

Complete or partial renovation of the apartment with an engineer and foreman supervising the timeframe and quality of work

Maintenance & Repair

Repair work for electrical or plumbing problems in the kitchen and bathroom

Technology & Security

Design and installation of smart home connectivity equipment and security systems


We offer services like painting, wall sanding, and resolve dampness problems on walls and ceilings

Interior Architecture

Elegant and practical architectural interior design services

Decoration and Furniture

Unique design solutions for the decoration of the apartment, furniture, assembly, and placement

Energy upgrade

Aluminum frames, insulation and upgrade of the energy class of the house

Energy saving

Smart and practical solutions for the optimal energy savings of your home

Air conditioning maintenance

Affordable maintenance of air conditioners, fault diagnosis, freon replacement, and board repair

Transport & Relocation

Freight or truck transport, packaging and boxing and transport of high value items

Disinfection & Rodenticide

Pest and insect control and solutions to prevent bed bugs in bedrooms and mattresses

Studies & Consulting

Architectural interior design and consulting by specialized staff

Reliable, Affordable, and Responsible Solutions

Together we will find the best technical solutions suitable for your property and budget. No hidden costs and half jobs. CloudKeys guarantees a faultless completion of the task given within the timeframe dictated by the contract.

Excellent Prices on Construction and Other Materials

We know the market very well and we are offering great discounts, especially on building materials and tiles. We have done thorough market research and work with excellent suppliers, saving you valuable time and money.

In case there is any kind of shortage, we are open to provide alternative proposals or suppliers.

CloudKeys Network

The multi-year experience of the company in the field of short-term and vacation rental leases has been integrated into our technical services. We also collaborate with an excellent network of reliable and trustworthy professionals.