Increase in Sales of Services and Products

Sales culture strategy in the hotel staff and communication.

Strategic Increase in Sales of Hotel Products and Services

CloudKeys introduces innovative solutions and integrates a sales culture into your hotel hosting staff. With the appropriate digital tools and with the training of the staff that comes in frequent contact with the visitors, we increase upselling of services such as spa, massage, grooming, and care products.

There are countless sales opportunities that we see being lost even when guests ask for them. Also, the area of ​​supplies for services outside the hotel unit is important to change, as many times the staff offers services and the company does not gain anything while the guests often have negative experiences.

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Regain control of the guest experience
It is definitely good for the staff to make some “extras” by suggesting the tavern of an acquaintance in exchange for a percentage or a predetermined amount. The tourism market has been working with commissions for decades and is a well-known and accepted practice.

But it is also the reason why many tourists and customers no longer prefer the services offered, either out of suspicion because they know about the commission, or because of bad experiences. There are also public reviews on hotel booking channels that describe these experiences in detail.

Gaining control of the services offered by the staff is not just about sales turnover. It’s about regaining control of the customer hosting experience. With suggestions for remarkable, authentic experiences that will make their trip memorable and will increase the positive reviews of the hotel and therefore the long-term bookings.

CloudKeys also introduces essential innovative digital tools aimed at increasing sales while maximizing the hotel hosting experience.

Staff Training Seminars

Fast-paced seminar for hotel staff on sales and sales opportunities

Digital technology

Introduction of digital technology to increase sales of services and products

Increase in revenue and turnover

Immediate increase in revenue and turnover for your hotel business

Satisfaction of Travelers

Satisfaction with high-quality services translates into multiple profits, not just immediate financial