Hotel Consulting Services

We analyze the business model and propose solutions to increase profitability and essential processes

Consulting Services for Hotels

The experienced hotel staff of CloudKeys will be at your disposal through personalized consulting services regarding your business. We identify and analyze areas that need optimization and propose meaningful solutions for the profitability and better operation of your hotel.

Our team has worked with important Greek and international companies, gaining valuable experience in the optimization of the financial and operational sectors of hotel companies.

Contact our team to begin checking procedures.

Rapid change requires optimal hotel solutions
As well as the recent crisis with COVID19, hotel businesses are constantly faced with major changes in visitor behavior. Bleisure travel, experiential tourism, last-minute booking trends and short-term rentals are just some of the current trends in tourism.

Hotels in Greece and worldwide need continuous improvement of both their presence and the tourist product they provide. Hundreds of new hotel units in recent years and thousands of Airbnb properties have emerged in Greece alone.

We know global tourism very well and we intervene in the hotel sectors that are crucial for the acquisition and maintenance of competitive advantages that will make your business viable and raise the level of your hospitality experience.

Hotel Auditing Report

Thorough analysis of the business model and identification of problematic processes.


Upgrades and optimization of processes and introduction of greater practical and technological innovation

Educational seminars

Training of staff and management in the new trends and essential procedures required by the modern tourism market.

Branding supervision

Communication of the changes of the hotel business model to the general public and on the Internet