Property management for residential and hotel properties

We develop value and maximize the performance of your investment in real estate with supporting management services, operations and revenue management.
Property management services for residential properties, hotels and other accommodation.

Property Management

In the heart of Athens, where history blends with the modern and dynamic nature of its buildings, Cloudkeys is the defining partner for success in managing and promoting investments. We develop long-term value relationships with property and hotel owners.

* Sending your property through this form does not constitute any commitment from the owner or the legal entity that owns the property.

Customized property management solutions

Custom and personalized solutions for the ultimate hospitality experience and optimal operation and financial performance of the accommodation. Applying industry-leading techniques and strategies relating to Revenue Management.

We combine impeccable traveler reservation management and leading guest support before arrival at the property, during the stay and during departure (check out). Cloudkeys has received excellent public reviews from hosted travelers using OTA (Online Travel Agent) platforms.

Established partnerships at a very high level with important Tourism stakeholders and market participants. Cloudkeys partnerships are very useful for any property type, either we are talking about short-term rentals or a hotel unit.

The use of cutting edge technology for managing key aspects concerning prices, availability, offers and sales has a highly beneficial effect in profitability and occupancy of all properties.

Short-Term Rentals

Full apartment management services with a personalized check-in process, excellent cleaning service and leadiing financial performance for every property in Cloudkeys’ managed property portfolio.

Advanced technical support services for luxury properties and apartments and excellent performance in reservation management and hospitality for travelers.

Hotel Units

We understand and maximize investments in hotel properties and other travel accommodations. Cloudkeys provides customized techniques and consulting services for increasing sales and optimizing daily hotel operations.

We intervene in key areas of each hotel and provide targeted solutions to transform it into a thriving investment for the owners.

Apartment Buildings

Management services for residential apartment buildings (multi-property management) for short-term or long term rentals. Technical services for buildings and maintenance of communal areas and infrastructure. Rental Management.

Real Estate Services

We work with leading professionals in the real estate market for the optimal use of investment capital for buying and developing properties. Cooperation and partnership with leading real estate agents in the market offers substantial opportunities for buying or selling properties.

Property Investments

Evaluation and implementation of property investment plans.

Real Estate

Take full advantage of your existing property portfolio or invest in properties available in the Cloudkeys network

Legal Councelling

Legal and accounting services for all necessary tax obligations based on greek law.

B2B Network

Local businesses leasing our properties for their residential needs to house employees and for short-term hosting of their business associates.

Technical Support

Building and infrastructure maintenance, property repair services from reliable professionals and full property or building renovation services

Property Types

We manage residential, tourism and hotel properties

Short term rental management

Full short-term rental management for properties that are available for rent on the vacation rental platforms for tourists, professionals, and other visitors of Athens. We actively promote and thoroughly clean the properties we manage, welcome guests and continuously support their experience of the city.

Apartment building management

Cloudkeys provides all necessary maintenance services and rental management services in buildings and multi-apartment units. We provide all technical needs in terms of renovation, decoration, furnishing and equipping of properties with engineers, interior designers, decorators and providers of furniture and home equipment

Hotel and tourism accommodation management

We possess market-leading know-how for achieving the most efficient and highest yielding results on every hotel or other travel accommodation that we manage throughout Greece. Full hotel management in the center of Athens with our reliable cleaning teams and provide facility management services, technical infrastructure support, planning and implementation of renovation and energy conservation projects.


We utilize the latest and most innovative technology with high performing, constantly adapting tools to address the modern needs of the travel and tourism consumers in Athens and beyond.


We make available reliable cleaning teams for apartments, buildings and hotels. Cleaning and management services of bed linen, towels and other clothing for hotels and other travel accommodations.

Technical Support

Our teams cover every need on electrical and plumbing infrastructure of buildings and apartments

Real estate management services

Our teams support all property investment needs, including sales and rentals, along with our highly experienced partner in the real estate field, yielding the highest possible returns on owned properties or property investment projects. Cloudkeys provides consulting services for property investment projects and contributes to yielding the highest possible returns and the substantial development of your property.

Residential and travel real estate investments

Discover properties exclusively available on the Cloudkeys network and all new properties on the market, meeting our stringent qualifications for yielding the best return on property investments. The years of experience of our team and our partners and our innovative approach on property investments are critical for achieving high yields, maximum returns, and profitability.

Property rentals

Cloudkeys has developed its own B2B network with well-known Greek and international companies which are frequently searching for residential properties to house staff long-term and short-term rentals to house temporary staff and guests at specific locations of Athens, close to their offices. Also all properties we manage are promoted to qualified prospective tenants that match our strict tenant evaluation criteria of our company.

Cloudkeys B2B

We promote the properties we manage to our exclusive Cloudkeys B2B network.

Prospective Tenant Evaluation

Strict tenant evaluation criteria based on the high-quality Cloudkeys standards.

Highest Yield

We evaluate every potent property investment based on our full range of property management services and we maximize and optimize the yield and the returns.

Insurance coverage including liability

Cloudkeys has partnered with the most prestigious company in the field of property insurance services, providing full coverage of liability, damage and natural disasters. These insurance services are supporting Cloudkeys properties during the past few years and are designed for the company’s needs hosting thousands of rentals from tens of thousands of tenants, both long-term and short-term.

Accounting and tax management

On all full property management contracts, Cloudkeys provides all the necessary accounting and tax services for the proper recording of tax records for all reservations and property rentals on a daily basis. Issuing of receipts and invoices, annual tax filings for property income, short-term rental registry management, and filling of data to the MyData government tax system in real-time.

Legal property coverage

Full legal property support services on issues related to liability, rental agreements, damages and other legal property issues from experienced lawyers with key experience on property matters.

Property Support

We provide the maximum possible coverage on all issues that have been experienced from managing hundreds of properties in the past few years.

Cloudkeys Network

We work with the best and highly renowned companies providing insurance services and provide solutions on every legal, tax or accounting need.

Optimized Tax Practices

Legal and accounting services for completing all legal tax requirements and optimizing tax charges for maximizing the performance of every property investment.

Working with Cloudkeys

Management Similar to our Home

All properties managed by Cloudkeys are looked after just like our own home

Reliable Partners

Cloudkeys partners provide well-tested solutions with high yield to performance ratio

High Performing Services and Solutions for Every Property Need

Budget is managed according to the highest yielding strategies, either in property upgrade projects or property investment plans.

Do you still have questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

All the properties we evaluate with our customers are qualified based on our strict qualification criteria and are aligned according to customer needs and investment philosophy. We provide property investment proposals based on residential and travel accommodation properties depending on investment size, evaluation of success prospects and many other factors.

There is no easy answer to this question. There are many areas of high interest in Athens for investing in residential properties. When considering investments in hotels and other travel accommodation, the areas of interest are more limited. In every investment evaluated, the area is highly related to the tourism sector that is targeted (experience tourism, religious tourism and other forms).

Every area has advantages and disadvantages concerning each property investment type. An example is buy-to-lease properties targeting employed tenants. The local area is evaluated based on available services such as supermarket stores, high-street market proximity, public transport proximity, etc.

Cloudkeys does not provide any financial services but provides substantial value in maximizing the returns and performance of your investments, along with supporting services such as our technical property services.

In any case, our team is highly experienced working in the Athens real estate sector over the years and know all the necessary requirements and elements for the successful completion of property investment plans, both residential or travel accommodation.

The return on your investment is dependent on how the property will be best upgraded, renovated and used. Cloudkeys investment consultants will propose optimal yielding practices based on your profile and philosophy.

Investments in buy-to-let properties are aiming at an 8-10% return each year, while short-term rental properties are aiming at 12-14% return each year. Some short-term investments have reached 18% or more in some investments, provided they meet all Cloudkeys recommended requirements and investment criteria.

Returns vary according to location, property type and renovation, furnishing, equipping and infrastructure upgrade cost. We live through several ongoing crises on the energy and public health levels in tourism, something which has caused the investment criteria in hotels and commercial properties to change significantly since the COVID19 pandemic.

Every investment is evaluated against seasonality and location criteria, the characteristics of modern tourism needs and forms. Modern traveler sectors require investment in infrastructure and services provided.

The recipe for a successful investment in a travel accommodation property is not just a matter of finding the right building in a good condition. Together we evaluate investment proposals so that their implementation yields the highest possible returns, based on criteria and characteristics such as investment size, personnel skills available and many other factors.