CloudKeys Digital Concierge

Efficient and welcoming booking of your hotel or accommodation

Hotel Booking Management Services

The Digital Concierge team of CloudKeys undertakes the complete management of the bookings that your hotel receives from its website and from the OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) and the communication with the reception and the other relevant parts of your business.

We undertake the promotion of the accommodation through modern promotion methods available in every OTA and all the parameters and possibilities of the Web Hotelier, the channel manager, and the PMS. Our goal is to extend the tourist season and increase occupancy.

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Increase in revenue and extension of the tourist season
We maximize the channels that promote the availability of the hotel in worldwide travel networks. Our strategy mainly aims to increase direct bookings through the website and the booking engine used by the hotel.

We actively participate in seminars and events held in Greece and abroad by major OTAs such as and Expedia and we are in constant contact with accounts & country managers for the most effective promotion of the hotel accommodations we manage.


Optimal configuration of the Web Hotelier channel manager, booking engine and network of travel agencies

Pricing Policy

Design and continuous optimization of the hotel pricing policy according to the current conditions of the tourist market

Bid Management

Utilization and management of the bid systems of the big OTAs aiming to maximize occupancy especially during the low season.

Communication Management

Direct communication with guests before, during and after their stay. Take advantage of CloudKeys upselling capabilities.