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Smart Home Services

The use of technology for property management opens new horizons with “smart” functions and exceptional capabilities. Whether the property is used for homeownership or for short-term rentals, smart solutions offer incomparable benefits when it comes to comfort, access and energy management, and security.

Especially in the field of short-term leases, managing access to the property for guests, cleaners and other visitors is crucial. The risk for theft and other unwanted actions by suspicious guests is too high.

CloudKeys strongly recommends using smart systems to avoid dangerous situations.

We ensure access to the property

No more copied keys. Many security doors open with keys that are copied from most locksmiths without any restrictions.

By using “smart” locks we provide access with codes for specific periods of time, according to your needs. Therefore security is ensured since the passwords are unique and do not apply after the access is removed.

We Manage Electricity and Energy Consumption for Heating and Air Conditioning

Through the remote control of air conditioning functions, you achieve maximum energy savings while offering a comfortable environment to the guests.

Saving money from “smart” systems has become a crucial part of property management, while the amortization of this investment for vacation rentals in Athens that are booked all year round is very fast.

We set the appropriate temperature just before the guests arrive, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Light, Roller Shutter and Blinds Management

Using automated settings we create lighting conditions depending on the needs of the day and season. The lighting turns off automatically in the morning and the shutters open automatically at the time of your choice.

At the same time, we create settings for the safety of the house in order to avoid potential burglaries.

Innovative Solutions for Quick Troubleshooting

There are many other applications of technology that can prevent some seemingly small problems from turning into real trouble for your property infrastructure. Sensors that detect if there is a flood from a broken water pipe, fire detectors, and much more.

Mobile notification allows immediate response, especially in properties that stay closed for long periods of time, such as winter and summer.

Control via Bluetooth or Wifi

Control your smart home devices from your cell phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Access control

Absolute access control with a detailed record of when each access was made

Heating, air conditioning and lighting control

Ideal conditions for heating, air conditioning and lighting of the property 24 hours a day

Energy saving

Limiting electricity and energy consumption for lighting, heating and air conditioning

Motion Detection

Intelligent motion detection systems that alert you to the presence of suspicious persons at your property

Smart alarms

Learn more about smart alarm systems for even greater security

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In summary, we undertake:

  • Finding the right “smart” systems for your needs
  • Supervision of the installation by specialized workshops and/or your electrician
  • Consultation meetings to decide on the right property conditions for your guests
  • Finding solutions for maximum energy savings
  • The quick payback of your investment