Renovation, Furnishing and Equipment of Real Estate

We provide 360 solutions to optimize the hospitality that your property offers to your visitors
Renovations - Technical Inspection - Furniture - Property Equipment

Property Preparation for Short Term Leases

We properly prepare the property in collaboration with excellent professionals in the fields of renovation, furniture, and equipment to welcome guests and provide them with a high level of hospitality services.

We undertake apartments, houses, maisonettes, villas, and small hotel units.

Solutions That Make Your Property Standout

The sharing economy community is growing rapidly with thousands of properties listed on platforms such as Airbnb and in the Athens and the Attica region.

Proper preparation of your property in order to stand out from the competition and maximize the income from short-term leases is crucial. Our company employs its long experience in the sector to provide optimal services.

Smartly and economicaly

We offer smart solutions that save time and money.

Property Evaluation

Our experienced staff visits the accommodation for an initial assessment and a preliminary disccussion regarding what needs to be done in the property.


We check the electrical / plumbing installations and evaluate any problems indoors and outdoors

Renovation and Repair

We repair all the damages and renovate the property with the most advantageous solutions on the market

Property Furniture

We furnish the property with all the essentials in order to provide comfort and luxury to your guests

Always on time

We prepare the property quickly and effectively

Advantages of CloudKeys

Functionality & Comfort

We upgrade the functionality based on the real needs of your guests

Revenue Maximization

We achieve the maximum possible return for the property in terms of income

Saving money

We save money through special offers and collaborations

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CloudKeys Services

  • Property / Apartment Renovation
    Interior and exterior painting, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom renovations.
  • Troubleshooting
    Inspection and repair of electrical and plumbing installations as well as floors and furniture.
  • Property Equipment
    We procure and install all the necessary electrical / electronic devices and equip the property with everything necessary for short-term leases.
  • Decoration
    We create the appropriate decoration to distinguish the property from the competition.