Air Condition Servicing

Air condition maintenance for maximum life time and proper air conditioning

Air Conditioner Maintenance

We maintain and repair air conditioners throughout Athens and the Northern Suburbs with experienced technicians. The process of maintaining the air conditioner shall be performed twice a year if used for cooling in summer and heating in winter or at least once a year if used mainly in the summer months.

Proper maintenance ensures low power consumption, cleaner air, and effective fight against bacteria and germs that accumulate in the device. At the same time, an air conditioner that is maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions has a longer service life and fewer problems such as the noise of the outdoor and indoor unit.

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Why do manufacturers recommend air conditioning maintenance by a professional technician?

Apart from the (significant) cleaning of the filters that one can do on one’s own every month without the need for a technician, the process of maintaining air conditioners includes tasks and consumables that are dangerous for use by non-professionals.

Our technicians obtain all the necessary tools such as freon and disinfectants suitable for use in the indoor and outdoor unit of an air conditioner and of course are approved by EOF. Their experience can prevent damage that is costly to repair, such as damage to boards.

Advantages of proper air condition maintenance

Saving energy is probably the most important advantage, as power consumption can be greatly increased in air conditioners that have not been maintained for years. Even holiday homes where the air conditioner is used for a few weeks a year need an annual service.

The space that the air conditioner is installed is working faster while it consumes less energy.

The outdoor unit is not producing more noise. At the same time, the stench that is usually caused by germs, fungi, bacteria, even insects and mice is prevented with proper maintenance, and air quality increases.

The warranty provided by major manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Toyotomi, Daewoo, General Electric, Daikin, Fujitsu, Hitachi, LG, Mercury, Panasonic, Samsung, and Toshiba is considered invalid if a non-professional technician has intervened in your device.

Finally, an experienced and well-trained technician can diagnose problems that lead to costly damage and intervene before more damage is done. Coolant leakage is detected and current consumption is measured during the air conditioning operation.

Air condition maintenance costs

The cost depends on the work that will need to be done and our technician will inform you about it as soon as the initial inspection of the air conditioner is done. For example, if there is a greater loss of coolant, the cost will increase.

Maintenance by “experts” who promise complete solutions for 10 euros is not recommended. More specifically, our technicians repair air conditioners that have undergone very poor maintenance of 10 euros in recent years. Also, the cost of repairing faults of lesser-known manufacturers, which are usually of Chinese origin, is higher, as the boards and other electronic systems of the devices are more difficult to repair.

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