High Occupancy and Maximum Revenue

We increase occupancy every month and maximize your income
We maximize the number of bookings, even if it takes a few hours between check-out and check-in

Increased Occupancy in the Reservation Calendar

The high-tech methods that our team utilizes enable the maximum possible occupancy of your property on a monthly basis and therefore the maximum possible income, regardless if it’s a high or low demand season.

Cutting Edge Technology

We invest in technology and follow the developments of the sharing economy

Algorithm experience

We have the necessary knowledge of algorithms used by real estate promotion platforms to maximize the promotion of your property

Income Increase

Using modern tools and knowledge we achieve the maximum possible performance every month

Daily monitoring of market trends

We take into account all the parameters of short-term rental demand and achieve the maximization of income for the owners who trust us with the management of their property.

The Athens market, both at the short-term rentals and also at the hotel accommodation level, is highly competitive.

Every day we hear and read about new hotel units opening, about thousands of short-term rental properties and about reduced occupancy, even in the summer when tourist traffic is constantly breaking records.

Outlook of the Tourist Market of Athens

The seasonality of international tourist arrivals in Athens and in Greece in general is an important parameter. But the abundance of accommodation and therefore the saturation of the market is a big challenge for us.

The advantages of a short-term rental property are not just the view of the Acropolis or the floor an apartment is on. They have to do with quality features of the property and hospitality that respond to the increased needs and “wants” of consumer-travelers.

Acropolis views are offered by thousands of properties. This is not the ultimate advantage for travelers. Also, Athens in the summer is a “transit” market.

Travelers visit the islands for holidays and that is where they prefer to spend most of their vacation time. Athens is the destination of entry into the country or the destination of departure from another tourist resort.

Therefore the biggest tourist traffic is travelers who come to see the Acropolis and some other points of interest in the city and leave next from the port to travel to their destination, or vice versa.

At the same time, we are also observing phenomena of reduced occupancy of accommodation in the Commercial Square of Athens in Syntagma and in world-famous districts in the center of Athens such as Plaka. While conversely, more “cheap” areas around the center have increased occupancies.

Maximizing occupancy and profitability

In the context of the Athens market and the conditions we describe above, Cloudkeys uses innovative techniques and methods to increase the occupancy and profitability of the properties it manages.

It is common for prices to “rally” down in such a competitive market. Nevertheless, after the COVID crisis, Cloudkeys achieved a significant increase in profitability and occupancy in the company’s property portfolio.

The market provides opportunities from multiple perspectives that we cannot analyze publicly. We will settle for the thousands of “new” players and the signs of a lack of know-how in the market.

At the same time, through specialized services such as search engine optimization and listing optimization, we achieve maximum exposure of the apartment to tourists looking for accommodation on the dates it is available.

Management of Prices and Offers

We work almost daily with channels such as Airbnb for reservation management issues but also for the display of all properties in the Cloudkeys portfolio.

Depending on the conditions, we implement promotions and price fluctuations to maximize occupancy and profitability of short-term rental properties.

Our many years of experience in the field of tourist accommodation as well as the use of modern technologies are of decisive importance for the evaluation of the findings of the daily analysis of the tourist market of Athens.

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