Hotel Renovation, Upgrade and Maintenance

We contribute substantially to the technical support and upgrade of your hotel

Hotel Renovation

Complete or partial renovation of hotels by a team of experienced and reliable engineers with effective solutions for businesses and guests. The hotelier market in Greece is considered quite saturated after the continuous opening of new hotels in Athens and other popular tourist destinations.

CloudKeys’s experience in the tourism market with a strong specialization in hospitality is crucial for differentiating your business from the competition, increasing the value of the tourist property, and gaining a larger market share.

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Modern philosophy and approach to hospitality

Complete or partial renovation of hotels from a team of experienced and reliable engineers who provide efficient solutions for businesses and guests.

The main goal is to maximize the satisfaction of the guests and consequently their return to the accommodations we manage and to share their experience on social media and with their friends.

Architecture study

Design of interior, exterior, and workspaces inside the hotel-with the creation of unique aesthetics and character, aiming at their optimal and practical use by guests and employees.

Infrastructure Upgrade

New design of the electrical and hydraulic infrastructure in order to fully support the modern needs of the guests and the electrical and electronic devices and systems.

Energy upgrade

Design and installation of energy and natural resources saving systems, building energy upgrade, and installation of photovoltaic systems.

Complete or partial renovation of a hotel unit

We have solutions for all renovation projects and specialized crews for every need, whether it is a complete renovation and remodeling of spaces, or for individual areas of the hotel such as the living rooms or the kitchen of the restaurant.

Architectural Upgrade

Our excellent team of architects and engineers undertake the complete upgrade of your property giving a new character and style to your hotel. The goal is the maximum differentiation from the competition and the optimal use of the interior and exterior of the hotel so that the guests have an unforgettable experience.

We are remodeling the spaces used by the guests and suggesting more practical approaches to help the employees’ work more efficiently.

We design ‘key’ spaces such as the reception, the bar, and decorative objects based on wood or metal for the interior or exterior of the hotel.

Renovation – Refreshment

Our financial proposal without the involvement of architects refreshes your hotel without interfering with the character of the building. Painting of walls and ceilings and decorative elements, insulation, repair of problems such as humidity and general work that is usually carried out every 2 years in most hotels.

All work is organized by a qualified engineer and supervised by a foreman for maximum efficiency and faithful adherence to schedules.

Flexibility of project budget

We choose materials, styles, special furniture, and we design decorative objects adapted to the character and branding strategy of your hotel. We are well aware of the modern needs and requirements of the guests and we avoid talkative approaches that increase the cost of the project without a substantial outcome.

The budget of the project, whether it is for renovation or for remodeling and micro-construction interventions of the premises, is directly dependent on the decisions, business goals, and the philosophy of the management of the hotel business.

In any case, the CloudKeys team and our experience in the field of hospitality and of maximizing the satisfaction of the guests will provide essential consulting guidance, along with the selection of the appropriate materials and suppliers.

Renovation Project Process

After the necessary initial meetings and the identification of the work needed (architectural studies, static adequacy study, energy studies, selection of building materials, etc.) we formulate a program that suits your style and budget and proceed to the issuance of the necessary urban planning permits.

The planning of the renovation works is done in agreement with the management of the hotel so that it remains closed during the execution of the project.

CloudKeys Network

The multi-year experience of our company in the fields of short-term and tourist leases has been integrated into our technical services in collaboration with an excellent network of reliable and proven professionals.