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Real Estate Decoration For More Reservations

Competition in vacation rentals is increasing daily. Whether your property is an apartment, a detached house, or your house that you rent occasionally, it should stand out from other rentals in order to increase its reservations! Do not settle for solutions packages. Trust the decoration experience of our experts.

One of the first things that come to mind when someone travels and searches for vacation rental is uniqueness. That means, to be in a new country, with unknown people, new stimuli, and of course a wonderful environment in which you can relax after the endless hours of shopping, exciting walks, and exciting adventures. In a magical way, you want to wander and discover out a completely different way of life!

Do not compromise with mass consumption decoration packages. Our experienced partners create unique accommodations, ready to welcome your guests from all over the world offering comfort and originality!

Your Property deserves to stand out

It’s no secret: Income from short-term rentals is much higher than long-term leases. With the abundance of properties available, you need to always be up to date, regarding management, renovation, and decoration trends! Three important factors that complete the puzzle of hospitality!

The decoration of your accommodation will depict your character while the photos will highlight its best features!

At Cloudkeys we never stop following the decoration trends, and adjusting the results both to the budget and to the character of the owner and the area! Having managed several reservations we are able to offer decoration proposals and implementation ideas that stand out!

Smartly and Economicaly

You don’t always have to spend time and money to have beautiful results

Property Evaluation

Our experienced staff visits the property for an initial evaluation and preliminary discussion on the direction of the project

Listing of property possibilities

Our decoration proposal aims to maximize your benefit depending on the area, the competition, and the possibilities of your property

Renovation and Repair

Even if your property needs renovation, we make it happen by utilizing the most advantageous solutions on the market

Property Renewal

Even if the decoration needs only a few finishing touches, we will use the appropriate “brush”!

Your Property can not wait!

Neither do you! This is why we complete everything quickly and effectively.

Next Steps

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Send us the details of your apartment to make an appointment, discuss your needs and find solutions according to your budget.

The CloudKeys team will contact you to make an appointment at your property.

Advantages of the CloudKeys solution

Functionality & Comfort

  • We upgrade the functionality based on real hosting needs
  • Revenue Maximization
  • We achieve the maximum possible return from the property in terms of income

Saving money

  • We save money through special offers and collaborations

CloudKeys Services

  • Property Decoration to stand out from the competition
  • Additional equipment and hospitality tips