Reservation Management

We manage the reservations of the property flawlessly, with consistency and professionalism from the first moment.
Servicing reservations at the property with attention to every detail

Reservation management from every channel.

Having managed thousands of short-term rental reservations at the properties in our portfolio, we consistently keep a high level of customer service, either from channels like Airbnb, or from our website.

No Lockbox

The welcoming of guests is performed by a specialist Cloudkeys team, without the use of codes and lockboxes in communal property areas.

Credit Cards

Managed credit card payment services involving fraud protection process.

Substantial Support

We support our guests 24 hours a day for anything they may need during their stay at the property.

Invoicing & Tax

All invoices are electronically filed at the tax authorities every day and we can issue retail receipts or company invoices for our guests.

Reservation management services

We use over 5 different reservation channels for promoting all our apartments, including Airbnb,, Expedia, VRBO and of course the Cloudkeysdirect reservation website.

We believe in the immediate and direct management of guests and we offer many different means of communication, either through short-term rental platforms or through telephone calls or messaging apps.

We avoid automated messages, keeping a personalized relationship with the guests. From the moment they make their reservation until they leave the property, they have access to our company’s experienced hospitality staff.

Assign the management of your property to Cloudkeys

One of our representatives will contact you as soon as you fill in the details of your property!

Communication as the most important tool for supporting reservations

We talk with tens of guests every day, guests that either just made a reservation or during a guest stay.

Quite often we continue communicating with guests even after their departure, helping them reach their next destination.

Check-in management at the property

We take care of all details for the guest’s arrival at the property. An experienced employee will welcome the guest and help him settle in the apartment and show them all the details of the apartment.

Personalized guest requests

We answer and help maximize the hospitality experience of our guest using personalized and direct communication Thousands of excellent reviews at our properties certify the excellent hospitality experience of our guests.

Our welcoming and our reservations and support teams are always available when needed. From answering simple requests, like where the garbage bin is, to more complex requests like restaurants for special dietary requirements.

Reservation preparation

The property is ready to welcome guests for every reservation choice. Either couples or families with children will find the necessary beds ready with high-quality bed linen.

Additionally, right before the guest’s arrival, the final quality check is performed by our staff. We add whatever is missing in terms of consumables and other supplies for the comfort of our guest.

Easy Money

All you need to do as an owner is track the direct payments to your bank account

More Bookings

Through the constantly evolving services of CloudKeys, we optimize the listing of your property, resulting to more bookings and higher income!

Unique hospitality

We provide 5-star hospitality … which even large hotel units find difficult to achieve

Guest rating

We check the profile of guests in order to secure the safety of the property

Check-in & Check-out management

We warmly welcome guests and “guide” them through the space, the facilities and the rules of the house

Cleaning Services

We ensure a high level of cleanliness of the property between reservations

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