Promotion of Vacation Rental Properties

We register and optimize the listing of your property on,, HomeAway, and other networks
Maximum Publicity of your Property

Submission to Suitable Channels

We use the best promotion methods to maximize the occupancy of your property throughout the year, even during the low-demand months.

Channel Selection

Not all channels are suitable for every property. We choose the appropriate ones based on their characteristics.

We increase demand

Through best practices, we increase the demand for your property on sharing platforms.

We increase your income

Our strategy helps your property secure bookings even in the low-demand winter months.

Optimizing of Listings on Airbnb,, etc.

There are dozens of settings offered by the platforms used by tourists to find suitable properties for their short vacation or business trips.

We optimize various parameters in order to achieve maximum occupancy each month. More specifically we focus on the prices and the presentation of each apartement in order to achieve the maximum possible income and profits from short-term leases.

Search Engine Optimization

Through targeted actions in terms of the information provided to potential visitors through the copy of your listing on the sharing platforms, our listings are always in the first spots for every relevant search made by the visitors on these platforms.

Combined with our experience managing hundreds of vacation rental online bookings, we provide all the information guests need to make a reservation.

Watch Your Income Increase

All you need to do is enjoy the increased revenue from your property!

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