CloudKeys Support Services

Proven and economical services for residences, apartments and hotels

Technical Services for Residential and Commercial Buildings

The range of services for residential and commercial properties of CloudKeys is available for individuals and businesses throughout Greece.

Our long experience in the field of managing homes and hotel units in Athens and the rest of Greece is extremely valuable, either for small-scale wors that your apartment needs, or for real estate investments and large-scale construction, reconstruction, refurbishment, and renovation of buildings.

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Technical Services for Houses and Apartments
Technical support services for homes, apartments owned by individuals, professionals, and businesses that CloudKeys has taken full control of in Airbnb and other short-term leasing platforms.

Renovation & Repair

Renovation and repair of residential properties. Complete or partial renovation of apartments, houses, and apartment buildings

Technical assistance

Electrical and plumbing work, upgrading of aluminum frames, security doors and general technical services

Technology and Connectivity

Design and installation of smart home systems, installation of alarms, cameras and related security systems.

Disinfection & Rodenticide

Get rid of mice, cockroaches and other annoying “pets”

Renovation Reconstruction and Design of Hotel Buildings
In collaboration with leading architectural firms and civil engineers, foremen, and reliable workshops, we provide innovative solutions to the needs of your business according to your financial possibilities

Hotel Renovation

Complete or partial renovation of hotels with illustration models and decorative constructions

Technical assistance

Technical support works for hotels. Repair of electrical and plumbing problems, maintenance of pool equipment


Thorough analysis of the organization of the hospitality experience and the management of important issues of the hotel

Disinfection & Rodenticide

Get rid of mice, cockroaches and other annoying “pets” such as bed bugs in hotel rooms

Real Estate, Hotel, and Commercial Services
See below a summary of the services offered through the CloudKeys network. Our team uses these technical services daily for projects of the company’s clientele that include hotels and apartments, restaurants, cafes, bars, tourist businesses, and business premises such as offices and shops in the center of Athens.

Real Estate Construction

Construction of residential and commercial real estate.

Architecture study

Diagrams, floor plans, and comprehensive studies for residential and commercial buildings

Tourist real estate

Investment in tourist real estate

Construction Management

Techno-economic management of projects and construction workshops

Interior Design

Architectural design of interiors, hotel rooms, restaurants and kitchen

Air conditioning maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance service for apartments

Building Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintenance service of central air conditioning systems in buildings and businesses

Furniture Assembly

We assemble furniture and constructions easily and economically

Investment in residential and tourist properties
We support and maximize the value of real estate investments and the investment benefit through the optimal utilization and exploitation of residential properties (apartments, detached houses, villas) and tourist properties (hotels, tourist businesses, and luxury properties).

Investment Studies

We analyze real estate market data and optimize investment moves

Real Estate Support

Full range of investment project support with engineers, architects, tax experts and consultants

Real Estate Buying and Selling

Investment opportunities and sales of residential and tourist real estate

Network Support

Full range of high-quality investment support services

Do you need something that is missing from our services?
We have our own workshops and we have collaborations with dozens of professionals and companies providing an even wider range of services. You can find “experts” like we do.

The essential difference is that each of our services is provided by real professionals and reliable craftsmen and we also provide a guarantee depending on the service.

Let us know your needs and let us find the solution together. CloudKeys supervises and controls the projects while guaranteeing the successful completion of each project, at the high standards of the apartments that it manages and has for rent in the center of Athens.