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Our solution provides maximum opportunity from vacation rentals.
Vacation rental properties in Athens

We save you time and money with complete management of short-term rentals on Airbnb and elsewhere

Do you want to take advantage of your property without effort and unnecessary expenses? Our team undertakes the optimal utilization and promotion of short-term rentals on digital channels such as Airbnb and Booking, saving you valuable time!

No Lockbox

The welcoming of guests is performed by a specialist Cloudkeys team, without the use of codes and lockboxes in communal property areas.

Credit Cards

Managed credit card payment services involving fraud protection process.

Substantial Support

We support our guests 24 hours a day for anything they may need during their stay at the property.

Invoicing & Tax

All invoices are electronically filed at the tax authorities every day and we can issue retail receipts or company invoices for our guests.

Διαχείριση εξαιρετικών ακινήτων

With many years of experience in the field of short-term apartment rentals in the center of Athens, we provide 360° hospitality services, turning them into a source of income. With top hospitality to all guests, excellent levels of cleanliness and of course the property’s most competitive presence in all short term rental channels.

Through our cooperation with reliable technicians and industry professionals, we offer optimal facilities and hospitality services for guests and repair and maintenance services for properties. Cloudkeys aims to provide unique experiences for guests and maximum benefits for owners

Constantly monitoring the trends and innovations in the field of short-term rental, we always move with strategic and considered moves, covering any need that arises with value-for-money property management services.

All you have to do is watch your income grow! Everything else is managed by Cloudkeys!

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What are short-term rentals and how are they defined

The Greek Ministry of Finance in its recent law amendment defines a property rental as short-term if the duration of the lease is shorter than 60 days. Up until this new (December 2023) definition, the law was defining short-term rentals as those that have a duration under one year.

For most property owners, these rentals are defined as leashing property through digital platforms that are known as the “sharing economy”.

The most famous platform is Airbnb.

It started from the idea of sharing the living room couch with travelers and transformed into a pioneering idea that changed the travel and hospitality landscape.

Already the phrase “I am turning my home into Airbnb” is synonymous to short-term rentals.

After a few years, travel platforms, such as OTAs (Online Travel Agents) like, VRBO (used to be called HomeAway) that was acquired by Expedia but also Expedia themselves launched vacation rental listings on their platforms. and Expedia were hotel based systems and to a great extent they still are. The support they provide to partners is very high level compared to Airbnb host support services.

Extranets or the systems that properties can use to create or manage their profiles or their properties on Booking and Expedia have functionality that is clearly hotel-oriented.

These are the 4 most popular short-term rental platforms worldwide. There are thousands of others such as smaller or more specialized like Agoda andTripAdvisor.

Why they are so popular?

A large portion of travelers look for a different type of property for exploring a travel destination. They want a different hospitality experience than a hotel provides.

Hotels are very popular accommodations and provide multiple comforts and conveniences compared to a city apartment. The main reason has to do with experiencing the destination like the permanent residents.

Even though hotels offer substantial benefits to travelers, such as breakfast, buffet dinner, etc. often at lower prices per night, these travelers prefer an apartment and personal interaction with the host.

Apart from the above, a family with very young children will chose a property with a self-sustained kitchen, without the need to ask hotel staff to warm some milk for them during the night.

Easy Money

All you need to do as an owner is track the direct payments to your bank account

More Bookings

Through the constantly evolving services of CloudKeys, we optimize the listing of your property, resulting to more bookings and higher income!

Unique hospitality

We provide 5-star hospitality … which even large hotel units find difficult to achieve

Guest rating

We check the profile of guests in order to secure the safety of the property

Check-in & Check-out management

We warmly welcome guests and “guide” them through the space, the facilities and the rules of the house

Cleaning Services

We ensure a high level of cleanliness of the property between reservations

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Vacation Rental Property Assignment

For the inclusion of your property in the management portfolio of Cloudkeys, the relevant procedure is simple, as long as the necessary property management conditions are met.

  • Location Evaluation: We check if the property is located in one of the areas covered by our teams in the center of Athens.
  • Quality Criteria Evaluation: Cloudkeys only has the same level of demands and expectations as its guests.
  • Contract Signoff: Our partnership is governed by a necessary legal contract that is declared to the tax authorities.
  • Creation of listings: We create and promote the property on all popular short-term rental platforms and on the Cloudkeys furnished apartments page.
  • Full Management: Cloudkeys provides comprehensive management of marketing, reservations, cleaning, bed linen and the resolution of any technical problems that may arise.

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Cloudkeys Privileges and Advantages

Partnering with Cloudkeys provides significant perks and benefits for property owners. The company’s experienced executives have been active in the field for many years and had a direct contribution to a series of innovations:

  • Creation of the first nationwide seminar for short-term rentals in collaboration with the “Exelixi” organization of Piraeus Bank.
  • Development of the first ever insurance contract, specialized for the needs of vacation rental property owners.
  • Participation in the evaluation process for the Greek Tourism Awards for many consecutive years.
  • Development of the first Travel NFT