Short-term rental of apartments and other properties

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Tourism short-term rental leases in Athens

The most effective way to make extra profit from your property!

Do you want to benefit more from your property without effort and unnecessary expenses? Our team takes care of the efficient management and optimal promotion of short-term rentals in digital channels such as Airbnb and Booking, saving you time and energy!

With many years of experience in the field of short-term rentals, we provide 360-degree services, converting unused or unmanaged properties into a reliable source of income. With high-grade hospitality services to all visitors, excellent cleanliness, and of course the most competitive presence of your short-term rental in all vacation rental channels.

Through our partnership with reliable technicians and professionals in the industry, we offer optimal facilities and hospitality management, aiming at unique experiences for visitors and maximum profit for owners.

As we are constantly following the latest trends and innovations in the field of vacation rentals, we always employ intelligent strategies and research methods, covering any need that arises with value for money services!

All you have to do is watch your income grow! Everything else is our business!

Free real estate appraisal

One of our representatives will contact you as soon as you fill in the details of your apartment here!

Easy money

All you need to do as an owner is track the direct payments to your bank account

More reservation

Through the constantly evolving services of CloudKeys, we optimize the listing of your property, resulting to more bookings and higher income!

Unique Hospitality

Our team provides 5-star hospitality services that even large hotel units find difficult to compete with!

Guest rating

We check the profile of guests in order to secure the safety of the property

Check-in & Check-out management

We warmly welcome guests and “guide” them through the space, the facilities and the rules of the house

Cleaning Services

We ensure a high level of cleanliness of the property between reservations

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The average income from the homes we manage is over 150% more than what a property owner could earn from a long-term lease.

No problem! Your property will be added to our highly regarded account on the Airbnb platform, so it will have faster bookings than it would if creating an account from scratch

It is clearly necessary to declare all income to the tax office. CloudKeys urges all property owners to follow the legal path and pay all legal taxes. It is necessary to consult your accountant for the required procedure, as our company does not provide legal or tax advice and therefore is not specialized in this area.

According to recent legislation, short-term rental properties no longer need a special EOT mark

The minimum obligation of owners of short-term rental properties is to declare their property to the tax office through the online application of the e-Government Directorate (D.ILE.D.) on and obtain a unique lease registration number. Then, every month (if there are leases) the owner must declare the leases in the Registry of AADE created specifically for this purpose

There are no time or income restrictions regarding the short-term lease of your property. Rental tax rates apply. In addition to that, you are taxed independently of any other income

The law allows you to rent as many properties as you want per VAT. Properties must be larger than 9 sq.m. and have natural light and heating.

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