Cleaning of Apartments

We are meticulous and diligent as concerned the cleanliness of the apartments. The COVID19 pandemic only confirmed our process we have been following for years. Our cleaners use antiseptic, mask and gloves throughout the cleaning process of our apartments.

Disinfection process

We thoroughly disinfect all surfaces and objects that are in constant use, such as light switches, TV and air condition remotes, and door knobs, with strong antiseptic and cleaning products.

We use a high temperature steam cleaner to clean and disinfect furniture such as sofas and various types of chairs and armchairs.

At the same time, during the year we carry out total cleanings often such as curtains, wardrobes and other places or objects.

Bed linen and towels

The bed linen we use has top quality and offers a comfortable sleep. Same with the body and face towels we provide to each guest.

The linens we provide have undergone a rigorous disinfection and cleaning process in ISO certified industrial washing machines, at ideal high temperatures to neutralize microbes and the COVID19 coronavirus.

We receive them daily in sterile packages and their placement on the beds and in the apartment is done with high protection gloves.

During your check in, you will find them fresh and clean, ready to welcome you.