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Property Investments – Athens Real Estate

Cloudkeys actively supports investments in commercial and residential properties in Greece. While we have extensive hands-on experience with vacation rental management, our team has helped hotels and other travel accommodation companies succeed in terms of profitability and guest experience.

Furthermore, Cloudkeys is implementing its own strategic investment strategy, with an ambitious project in the field of medical tourism in Athens, with plans to expand it in the near future, providing an excellent investment opportunity to partners, customers, and associates.

While the main focus is the center of Athens, Cloudkeys is seeking investments for innovative real estate projects in other areas. Cloudkeys’ investment thesis focuses on less saturated and emerging markets such as the medical tourism field.

Investments Overview

Prime focus on medical tourism, hotels and holiday apartments in Athens. Cloudkeys projects are implemented with key sustainability and mobility targets, in a city that is not mobility and accessibility friendly.

  • Residential short-term rental projects
  • New hotel development
  • Medical tourism accommodation and facilities project
  • Energy conservation and waste reduction
  • Mobility and accessibility for people with disabilities

Cloudkeys also works on maximizing the company-owned property portfolio and long-term revenues

  • 16 new properties completed in 2022
  • 2 new sponsor-branded properties near completion in Q1 2023

Results-driven Strategy

Competent travel & accommodation sector development that provides meaningful results to our investors.

Cloudkeys Investments

Investment Services & Facilities

Cloudkeys supports real-estate investments with a full range of services provided by our company and our exclusive B2B partner network. From initial planning and prospecting to implementation and management.

Real Estate Services
From acquisition to notary services and sale completion

Investment Structures
Developing optimized tax investment vehicles

Property Development
Maximizing the prospects of acquired real-estate

Managed Property Services
Covering every aspect of day-to-day operations

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Athens Real-Estate Investment Brief

Both before and after the COVID outbreak, Athens has attracted significant investments from local and foreign investors, local and global travel and tourism brands, companies, and corporations, and post-COVID this trend has continued strongly.

Many interesting projects are added to the list of significant investments. 5-star global hotel chains investing in residential properties, boutique, and specialized hotels have opened throughout the city, commercial projects, and so much more.

Athens Investment Focus

Strong tourism growth is expected in the near future, something which is evident by the number of investments by major international hotel chains and other travel organizations. Cloudkeys investments are focused on the following key areas:

City Apartments
Acquisition, renovation and management of residential units for short-term leisure, business or medical travelers.

Residential Buildings
Acquisition, renovation and management of apartment buildings.

Investments into existing hotels or development of new hotel infrastructure.

Travel Innovations
Learn about the Cloudkeys innovative projects planned.

Connect with our team and become a valued investor in one of our exciting projects
or boost your property investments with Cloudkeys