Investment Opportunities

Identifying real estate opportunities matching investor criteria

Helping investors navigate the real estate market

Cloudkeys has formed exclusive partnerships with key real estate agencies and other industry partners, working on important investment opportunities, both in the commercial and residential property sectors.

The investment team has extensive expertise in the real estate and tourism markets in Athens. Cloudkeys projects focus on emerging and innovative sectors of the economy, yielding impressive returns in a highly saturated market.

Supporting Services

  • Real estate services.
    • Exclusive and premium properties.
    • Market research based on our exclusive area data.
  • Construction & development.
    • Competitive pricing & material quality.
    • Project management & delivery.
  • Accounting & tax
    • Tax-optimized investment vehicles.
    • Full accounting services
  • Digital & technology.
    • Integrated technology solutions.
    • Green tech.
Cloudkeys investment process

Navigating the crowded real estate & tourism markets in Greece

Cloudkeys is supporting commercial and residential properties in its portfolio. The property management services focus on two key tourism markets in Athens and the rest of Greece:

  • Boutique Hotels
  • Vacation Rental Properties

The current state of the tourism market has reached high levels of saturation for traditional investments. Our investment thesis is focusing on emerging micro-markets within tourism and innovative projects.

With new hotel investments announced on a daily basis since 2018, differentiating from the traditional hotel or vacation rental business is key to higher yields, improved returns, and optimal investment performance.

Not all opportunities are the same

Before we discuss specific investment projects, we need to discover what constitutes a great match and evaluate opportunities that meet specific characteristics.

  • Investor aspirations and investment thesis.
  • Budgeting requirements and limitations.

What is your investment aspiration?

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