Athens Investments

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Property investments in Athens

The popularity of Athens as an investment destination has risen during the past few years. Significant investment in residential and commercial real estate, primarily city center apartments, villas on the south coast, and hotels.

Government initiatives such as the Greece Golden Visa scheme, low tax on construction, and other measures have attracted significant capital. These initiatives have attributed to increased investments by both private investors, international hotel chains, and real estate funds.


Multiple international hotel brands have invested in new hotel openings, hotel acquisitions, and mergers. Boutique hotels have opened throughout the city

Vacation Rentals

Foreign investors buy vacation rental apartments in the City of Athens and use them only for staying a few weeks per year.


The south coast of Athens, also known as the “Athens Riviera” has attracted significant investments, primarily due to the construction of the Hellinikon project.

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Athens Economic Indicators & Investment Overview

The state of the national economy of Greece provides a friendly environment for private investors, asset managers, international hospitality brands, and institutional investors. The country has experienced a strong rebound and emerged stronger from the COVID crisis.

Key OECD Highlights:

  • Strong employment growth.
  • Increased investments and exports.
  • Economy is expected to grow in 2023 & 2024

Overall the investment sentiment is positive as is evident by the number of investments in residential properties, hotels and commercial real estate.


Golden Visa Programme – European Residency Opportunity

The government has introduced a golden visa scheme, allowing investors to obtain European residency status. The capital required will raise to 500,000 euros in April (from 250,000 euros).

The scheme is offering investors and their close family members permanent residency status. For many investors in the Middle East and other continents, this is viewed as an opportunity to acquire a European passport.

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Cloudkeys Athens Investment Support

Our company operates in the real estate market of Athens for several years, managing an important portfolio of customer property assets. The expert team provides support on a number of important issues, including:

  • Property valuation
  • Property development
  • Revenue management
  • Real estate acquisition & sales
  • Property & facility management

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