Children’s activities or fun ways to exhaust them before they exhaust you!

Children’s activities or fun ways to exhaust them before they exhaust you! 725 500 Cloudkeys

Allou! Fun Park

One of the most popular choices for summer evenings in Athens is Allou! Fun Park. Situated in the area of Rentis, it offers a vast variety of games and activities such as the Crazy Mouse, the Youpi Tower and Kidom- a smaller sized park within the Allou facilities, designed only for kids. The popular entertainment park is a favourite destination for kids as well as adults who want to explore their adventurous side!

Athens Happy Train

You want to explore the city of Athens but your kid… doesn’t feel like it? “Athens Happy Train” is the solution for both of you! You can enjoy an amazing sightseeing experience in Athens and see the capital’s most famous monuments by hopping on the “toy-like” train from Syntagma Square. Your kid will have a blast during the 40-minute tour while you are admiring the best features that the city was to offer.

Greek Children’s Art Museum

If your kids appreciate arts and crafts, the Greek children’s art museum is an ideal choice! There, you can find more than 7.000 drawings that were hand-created from children 4 to 14 years old during workshops and contests. Due to its close proximity to the famous location of Acropolis, the museum (situated in Plaka) is one of the most popular choices for children activities.


The Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center can be an amazing way to spend quality time with your kids during your visit in Athens. From playgrounds and water jets to food and drink canteens, SNFCC offers a “utopian-like” space for kids to play, ride their bicycles and skates in the specially designed areas. As stated in the foundation’s website: “Rather than the typical fence, the playgrounds are enclosed by shrubs, enabling kids to discover their own boundaries and the world in a safe environment”.

Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation

The Kid’s programmes at the Goulandri foundation, located in the Athenian neighborhood of Pagkrati, are the perfect choice for an art-lover parent! The space provides a variety of group creative workshops from lithography to collaging. Taking place mostly on weekends, your kids (4-6 years old) can participate in interactive games whilst learning about colours and shapes through painting. If your kids are over 7 years old they could take part in the lithography workshop, learn about the craft and discover how they can use the materials in the kitchen to make pieces of art!

Attiko Parko Zoo

The Attiko Parko Zoo, located at the area of Spata, is an exciting excursion for all animal lovers! The family programmes include the “Falconer experience” with trained real birds, the “Farm animal keeper” where your children can learn about the welfare and biology of farm animals, pet them and feed them and the “Birds of Prey”, a magnificent experience where you can take a look behind the scenes of keeping the unique birds of the park! You can also join the standard family tour and meet all the animal species of the park!

Cultural Park

In the direction towards the airport of Athens, you can find the Cultural Park of Mesogeia, a rural looking location where your family can explore the museum of Greek Ethnography and participate in workshops with a focus on Greek folklore arts whilst enjoying the nature and meeting animals such as donkeys and ponies. Other activities entail a treasure hunt game under the olive trees and an exploration of Greek herbs and aromatic plants!

Museum of illusions

Do you believe in magic? In the Museum of Illusions, you and your family can walk through infinity tunnels, hang from the ceiling in the rotated room and see your head… on a platter. This museum is a great way to keep your kids occupied as well as to help them enhance their imagination through fascinating adventures!

Benaki Toy Museum

The Benaki Toy Museum, which opened its doors to the public in 2017, displays an array of toys, books, ephemera and clothing from around the world, based on the collection of Maria Argiariadi (amongst one of the 10 top collections in Europe). During your visit at the Benaki Toy Museum your kids will get familiarized with the history of Greece and other countries in the most engaging way possible!