Places Where You Can Eat Like A Local

Places Where You Can Eat Like A Local 725 500 thecloudkeys

If you’re looking for unique and picturesque places in Athens, to enjoy handmade food and original plates wrapped in an amazing experience, you should continue reading.

Aster: Troon 48, Athens

You can find Aster in one of the most up-and-coming neighborhoods of Athens, Petralona. If you are a lover of Greek cuisine and more specifically Cretan recipes, don’t think twice! Ask for the specialties and accompany them with the traditional greek drink, raki!

Diporto: 9 Sokratous Theatrou, Athens

One of the oldest traditional Greek taverns in Athens, Diporto is placed in the central market of the city, and is housed in a 150-old building. Once you get there you will be amazed by the big wine barrels (almost 600 kilos each!) that surround the tables. The quick service and welcoming staff are just some of the selling points of this picturesque tavern. Even if the menu options are not countless (it mostly offers traditional home-cooked meals such as giouvetsi, fava, bakaliaros) we guarantee that you will have one of the best local experiences in Athens.

Garifalo Kanela: 28 Zan Moreas & Odisea Androutsou, Athens

The most common answer when you ask Greeks about their favourite meal is: The one made by my mother! If you visit “Garifalo Kanela”, you will have the chance to taste unrivalled home-cooked meals such as stuffed tomatoes and moussaka made with love and greek… meraki!

Kiouzin: Likavitou 16, Athens

Greek fusion cuisine at its best! Kolonaki, one of the most prestigious areas in Athens is home to the hip Greek restaurant, Kiouzin. Some of the specialties at Kiouzin are: Goat en papillote and tuna fillet flambé with ouzo!

Giasemi: Mnisikleous 23, Athens

Even if you haven’t been to Athens before, you surely have heard about the picturesque area of Plaka, a place that looks like it jumped straight out of a movie set! In fact, Giasemi, the famous Athenian café, has been selected as the backdrop of various movie scenes multiple times. You can easily spot Giasemi from the stone steps and the small green tables. If you plan a morning visit you will find fresh traditional desserts such as orange pie, cakes and ‘moustalevria’, while in the evening you can enjoy your drink while tasting the famous cheesepie and meatballs!

Oikonomou Tavern: Kidantidon 32, Athens

Right across the Zefiros open air cinema, you can find the historic family tavern Oikonomou. Its clientele varies from people who live in the neighborhood to artists and politicians. Oikonomou offers typical greek food in the best way possible- lamb in the oven, “stifado”, cooked okras and beans. If you want to visit the restaurant make sure to go early as it is usually fully booked!

Peas: Vegan & Raw Street food: Falirou 40, Athens

While most of the restaurants offer vegan dishes or alternatives, Peas is the best option if you want a quick “pick me up” during your stroll in Athens. In this plant based and vegan restaurant you can find a wide selection of sandwiches, burgers (one of the most popular vegan burgers in Athens!), tarts and many more delicacies to satisfy your appetite. All of its products are homemade, bio and of course… vegan friendly!

Bread and Roses: Panepistimiou 64, Athens

Bread and Roses, situated in Kanigos square offers a wide range of specialties from traditional Greek dishes to pasta and burgers. If you are looking for value for money options this is the place for you!