Tip of the day 29/6/2023 – Classical music at Athens garden or Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Tip of the day 29/6/2023 – Classical music at Athens garden or Odeon of Herodes Atticus 1024 683 Cloudkeys

There are two ways to beat the high temperatures of the city tonight and enjoy the evening at the beautiful garden  for Athens Concert Hall (Megaron) or at the one of most important ancient greek theatres: Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

At the first place you will have the chance to attend a screening of the concert of Vienna Philharmonic with Leonidas Kavakos conducted by Herbert Blomstedt: From the Musikverein of Vienna. Leonidas Kavakos in works by Johannes Brahms and Johann Sebastian Bach from Vienna’s famous Musikverein. In the same concert, the renowned Austrian ensemble also presents Carl Nielsen’s Fifth Symphony under Swedish conductor Herbert Blomstedt.

In the second, you will  attend an event, part of Athens Epidaurus Festival, probably the biggest festival of Athens:  The Athens State Orchestra, with Loukas Karytinos on the podium, presents this symphonic, dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi and its requiem – choral work of epic proportions that celebrates the ephemeral nature of man. His gloomy passions, the invocations, the refutations and the emotional uplift that great ideas generate. The highs and lows of our emotional world unfold in a creation written on the occasion of the death of the Italian writer Alessandro Manzoni, founder of the Italian language and champion of the liberation and unification of Italy.

Soloists include the internationally rising Finnish soprano Miina-Lisa Verele, the imposing Tunisian mezzo Rihab Sayeb, the Grammy-nominated tenor Barry Banks and the deep-voiced Alexandros Stavrakakis, the only Greek to have been awarded the First Prize in the International Tchaikovsky Competition. Participants include the ERT Choir, the Choir of the Musical Ensembles of the Municipality of Athens and the Amadeus Mixed Choir.