Tourists (EU and non EU) may enter indoor entertainment areas. Check out how

Tourists (EU and non EU) may enter indoor entertainment areas. Check out how 1024 684 thecloudkeys

Greek government announced that indoor areas of establishments are all open for customers. So, for the tourists who are visiting Greece, the process to stay, be served and enjoy the interior area of a cafe or a restaurant, is the following:

Tourists from non-EU countries_such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Serbia and Saudi Arabia_ can now enter indoor areas of establishments (restaurants, cafes, bars and cinemas) that only allow entrance to customers. This includes everyone who has been vaccinated against Covid19 or have recovered from it. It’s so simple: by presenting their national vaccination certificate or recovery certificate in printed or electronic form. They will also have to have some form of identification with them such as an ID card or passport.

Tourists in Greece from EU countries, according to the Ministry, can use the Covid-Free GR app, (it only recognizes Greek vaccination certificates though) and the EU Digital COVID Certificate held by EU citizens. The Covid-Free GR app verifies whether a customer to a café, bar, restaurant has been vaccinated or recovered, holds a negative rapid test result or a negative PCR test result.

How will the control be held?
Certificates presented (on paper or on smartphone) are scanned at the door. A color-coded system verifies validity. The green colour and a relevant check mark indicates those that completed Covid-19 vaccination or recovery, yellow colour indicates a negative test result. Red signifies that the document is false or incorrect.